[For latest (2016) see Anti-vaccine support.  Older is: The Vaccinations e mail list is the best source of anti-vaccine or vaccine critical advice & support (free of pharma), while the Vaccine Dangers Email List (several articles per day on vaccine dangers and related information - send blank email to is the best source of vaccine news (without any discussion facility--you will also get this on the Vaccinations list). JABS (odd pharma troll, pro-single vaccines, and will edit out any vaccine conspiracy info) and are OK discussion and information forums.  Any vaccine questions you can ask the Whale editor .  For a longer education of vaccine dangers then the Vaccine Dangers CLASSES via e mail is recommended.]

Recommended (all the information you very rarely see in the media): Vaccine Dangers Email List -several articles per day on vaccine dangers and related information - send blank email to

An Evidence of Harm email discussion list has been created in response to the growing interest in the book and the issues it chronicles. Now over 1,100 subscribers.   Here is how to subscribe (no cost):

Australian and New Zealander vaccine forum

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Have you or anyone you know been affected by
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This is the largest Vaccine Dangers yahoogroups in the world - the most members and the BUSIEST.  This list is for parents and others who are looking at the issue of vaccinations and the dangers that are becoming more and more apparent. This list is for all who are looking at making a decision to not vaccinate, who vaccinate selectively, who have made a choice not to vaccinate their children at all or who have stopped vaccinating their children after starting.

AVN (Australian Vaccine Network)
Vaccine injuries
Anthrax vaccine

AVML is a support group for those who do not vaccinate their children. There are many on the list who have damaged children due to vaccinations. When choosing not to vaccinate, parents begin a decision for health. Thus many health related issues are discussed on this list besides the dangers of vaccinations. To join AVML, write to  and say Subscribe 

Missouri Citizens' Coalition for Freedom in Health Care (MCC-FHC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting our Missouri rights to Freedom in Health Care through informed and educated Choices.

Canine Health Concern
Mostly canine health issues.  A few posts on vaccination.  The place for animal vaccination.

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k9health archive
An e-group hosted by .  Everyone on the list has children with Autism, or Autism spectrum disorders. 


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