Hemmings says

Hemming, John

That this House notes that according to the report written by Professor
David Hull for North Staffordshire Trust about the work of Professor David
Southall in the report written for the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire by Professor McLeish and Dr Durbin, Professor McLeish said
that Professor Southall `pursued multiple clinical research studies that
were poorly designed and therefore were unlikely to produce new knowledge of
worth. More worryingly he appears to have had insufficient regard for the
ethical standards that should surround all clinical studies in babies';
believes that such comments are important comments that require proper
consideration; is surprised that the University Hospital of North
Staffordshire is unable to find a copy of this report; calls for the
hospital to find a copy of this report and publish its contents; and further
calls for an independent judicial or Parliamentary inquiry into the research
and clinical activities of Professor David Southall, the failure of the
regulatory system to prevent unethical experiments on babies managed by
Professor Southall and the misuse of child protection and judicial
procedures both to prevent parents from raising complaints about his
research and procure children for his research.