Case studies of hepatitis B vaccine damage

Sharon worked full time as a nurse in Leeds but can now only manage one night duty a week. Sharon was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Her doctor recognised the adverse effect of this vaccine and gave her vitamin injections to attempt to counteract the drain on her immune system. She cannot stand a lot of noise and has just moved out of the city to Oulton, a quiet country area. Her condition is worsening.

Val works part-time as a dental receptionist in Locks Heath and since having the Hepatitis booster jab has been diagnosed by her consultant at Hislar Hospital with reactive arthritis. This is steadily getting worse and she is taking anti-inflammatory tablets all the time. Her fingers are becoming knobbly on the joints. She has pain in her hips and her body is very stiff first thing in the morning. She says her condition is getting worse.

Margaret had the first Hepatitis B injection when she became a part-time dental nurse in Fareham. She was bedridden for a week after the vaccine and her husband called the doctor in, who declared "in no way was it related to the vaccine", and yet he visited her three times in a week to keep an eye on her. She was absent from work for three weeks or so. She then had knee problems and was diagnosed with arthritis - this has now spread to her hip and is very painful. Her employer said that the BDA said she must have the booster Hep B vaccination, she refused fearing being crippled even more with arthritis and so has lost her job. She is now employed as a part-time dental receptionist and earns less money and really misses her dental nursing job. She takes pain killers for her arthritis.

Lorraine was a qualified nurse working in Coventry, but since the Hepatitis B vaccination is wheel chair bound. She needs help in the home with housework and also care for herself, her district nurse attends her daily. She has just attended a National Health committee who have awarded her a medical disability pension. She rang and thanked me for all the information I sent her because she presented this to the doctors on the committee and is convinced this aided her case.

Gloria was vaccinated in January 1995---Engerix B --- she had a anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine and now suffers joint pains and ME/CFS - in October 1996 she started having problems with the right side of her body --- balance and co-ordination problems. She had neurological problems, and also has bladder problems. She had a year off sick. In October 1997 her contract was terminated. To walk any distance she needs a wheelchair. The NHS does not recognise her as a case for a medical pension.

In 1993 Andrea had one dose of the Hep B vaccine and was ill for two days afterwards, she literally could not stand up unaided. She is a part-time nurse living in Shrewsbury with a young family and has been diagnosed with ME/CFS and her health is deteriorating and she is struggling to cope with work. When she is not working she has to rest and sleep. Her condition is deteriorating. Her doctor is very sympathetic.

Colin was a Medical and Dental Engineer in a naval hospital. In 1990 Colin had three individual doses of Hep B vaccine in a year which resulted in three boils on one leg and ezcema on the affected leg. In 1995 he was given the booster Hep B vaccine, had flu within 24 hrs and had time off work. He suffered tiredness and lethargy. He was sick over the whole year with two more bouts of flu' (each bout more severe), he also complained of aches and pains in all his joints, which various doctors told him was a virus left over from flu'. Blood tests for arthritis did not show anything. In early January 1996, following a bad bout of flu' at Christmas his legs gave way and after blood tests and a trip to the Rheumatologist he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. He had six months off work. He had to give up his job as an engineer and become a desk officer handling contracts for medical and dental work. In 1997 he had a huge ulcer on his leg and was off sick for a further 6 months during 1998 and spent five weeks in hospital. He has struggled to work and has now applied for medical retirement because all he can manage is part-time work and the Civil Service will not allow him to work part time in his particular job.



I'm so glad you have posted this as I have had symptoms from having the Hep B vaccine.

I was studying Biomedical Science at University (specialised in Microbiology).  As we were working with blood we were all recommended to have the vaccine.

I had the first shot and then was supposed to have my second, however when I went to have it I was feeling quite ill (flu like symptoms) so they said I shouln't have it.

One week later I was diagnosed with glandular fever (mononucleosis) caused by E.B.V.

I am absolutely definite that they are linked.  There is the possibility that I had glandular fever when I was younger.

Glandular fever infects the B lymphocytes (which are responsible for forming the humoral immune response and forming memory cells).

I eventually got over this, however I was working in a lab in an area where T.B. was very high so I had to have my T.B. shot.

Lo and behold I got glandular fever again (not good when you are 25 and working full time).

It took me about three years to stop catching everything which went around (cold's etc).  I visited a homeopath, and have been having reiki, (at one point I was told I had fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome - however I refused to take any chronic conditions on board).

I am now much better, however I do think that there is a definite link between having glandual fever and then having vaccinations.  Unless it is absolutly vital i will never have another vaccination again.

If you have had glandualr fever I would recommend you think very carefully about having vaccinations.

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