The New Yorker use to enjoy the reputation for accurate and dependable reporting and thoughtful columnists.  Not so anymore, your magazine belongs right next to the National Inquirer in the checkout line.  Michael Specter's  lack of knowledge and obvious lack of ability to think for himself is so blatant, it's pathetic. Has he asked the FDA or CDC for the names or copies of the long term safety studies for the hepatitis B vaccine?  I have,  face-to-face. Surgeon General Satcher didn't know when I asked him on Aug 3, 1999 (after he testified for the Government Reform Committee), neither could Dr. Samuel Katz (couldn't give me an answer at the May 18th hearings, still no answer at the August hearings)  No one can give me the names of the safety studies that were reviewed before this vaccine was approved. Doesn't anyone find this strange? Has Mr. Specter actually checked to verify the 'epidemic' of hepatitis B that the CDC is claiming? I have--it's not happening and hasn't even come close. On Jan. 22, 1999 the CDC told ABC's 20/20 that 200,000 people will get hep B every year.  By May 1999, they told Fox News (Chicago) that 20,000 people will get hep B every year.  Gee, we lost a zero.  Check the CDC's own Mortality and Morbidity Weekly, it doesn't support any of their claims. The hep B vaccine was touted as a lifetime vaccine in the beginning, then 10 yr coverage, then some aren't covered after 5 yrs. Gosh, didn't their long-term studies show this to begin with? DO YOUR HOMEWORK MR. SPECTOR, don't take everything at face value!!

Perhaps he would like to be one of the thousands who are still suffering adverse effects of these 'safe' vaccines.  My 11 yr. old son is. Come and spend a day with him. David has lived in constant, severe pain for 13 months now,  with no cure in sight. His symptoms started within a week of his first shot. We didn't make the connection, we believed the doctor.  Within 7 days  of the next shot, all the symptoms (plus more) became 10 times worse and haven't left since. There isn't a part of his body that hasn't been affected.  We've taken him to the best medical centers in the country.  No one could tell us what's wrong, but they do spout about how safe this vaccine is. Then they get very quiet when I ask them if they reviewed the safety studies.

We finally found a doctor in Houston that knows of the ill effects of this vaccine.   He hopes that he can help him, but it will take a very long time. There's no cure, just buying time till researchers find a way to help these people. So far, the government won't fund any research to help these kids, but government funds do help pay for the PR programs for the drug companies.

Mr. Spector, since you are so confident about the development of vaccines, perhaps you need to update your vaccinations. If you end up with an adverse reaction - give David a call, he'll give you tips on dealing with horrible pain day after day after day.

Good Luck!
Sherry Wied,
David's Mom