Mary C. Hume-Rothery

I. That small pox is no deadly and mysterious scourge capable only of exorcism by a charm quite as mysterious, and still more pernicious, but a simple eruptive fever of the zymotic type; a filth-disease, that is, which cleanliness, therefore, and cleanliness alone can abate, or entirely banish; and this being so, that if vaccination could prevent it, prevent, that is, the expulsion under that form of the impurities accumulated by whatever process in the blood, it would be doing harm and not good

II. That vaccination is a poisoning of the blood through wounds in the skin precisely analogous to the stings of poisonous plants, insects, and scorpions, and to the bite of serpents and mad dogs, capable of producing, and frequently in fact producing consequences as deadly as, and often far more lastingly horrible and injurious than, any of these; and that it never can and never does protect from small-pox, except by killing its subjects, or sending inwards to the vital organs, the blood-impurities which might otherwise have been safely got rid of by means of the natural eruptive process.

III. That therefore, the Vaccination Acts- for rendering Compulsory (whether under pain of one fine or twenty) on the citizens of a so-called free country, this blood poisoning called Vaccination-are


  1. Tyrannical, Unconstitutional, and in the true sense ILLEGAL;
  2. Godless and Insane;
  4. Demoralising to the whole community, those only excepted whom they stamp as criminals;
  5. Offensive, as reviving the Class-legislation so justly odious to all lovers of freedom;
  6. Fraudulent, as evading and violating another existing Act of Parliament;
  7. On the direct and indirect testimony of their own supporter and advocates, an UTTER AND ABSOLUTE FAILURE!
Of such Acts as these, what can be said-but that they are a foul and lasting disgrace to Queen, Lords, and Commons who enacted and sanctioned them; to every Government-and especially to the so-called Liberal Government-which maintains and administers them; and to the nation-nation not of freemen, but slaves!-which tolerates their existence!

What small-pox & vaccination and the vaccination acts really are
By Mary C. Hume-Rothery
Leicester, 1880.