Wakefield Confronting Stratton of IOM regardig Measles Virus in Gut/CSF & Autism




In another troubling indication of the bias of the IOM, listen to a
brief audio exchange between Kathleen Stratton, Ph.D. and Andrew Wakefield,
M.D. from the May 2004 Chicago Autism One conference.  Dr. Stratton is the
Study Director of the IOM Immunization Safety Review Committee and Dr.
Wakefield is the British gastroenterologist who discovered the presence of
vaccine strain measles virus in the guts of many autistic children. 

This audio file is a 9 minute and 46 second sound byte but the exchange
becomes quite intense at 3 minutes and 19 seconds into this Windows Media
sound file.  It is our opinion this new information will cast shadows of
doubt, deception, delusion over their previous conclusions for    other
vaccine issues examined by the IOM committee.

Dr. Stratton's own words reflect the incongruence between the Committee's
opinions and the final report:

 "The Committee never said mercury is good for you.certainly they don't
believe that.  Mercury is a known neurotoxin.
 Mercury can't be good for the developing body.   The question was, 'Is
there evidence that the mercury in vaccines causes autism?'
The committee believes that that remains a theory."

Even recent news articles indicate that many of the IOM Immunization Safety
Review Committee members are backing away from the harsh recommendations in
the report that call for no further research into the connection between
vaccines and autism.  Such a statement took most of the medical and
research community by surprise for it is the antithesis of all that
medicine and research strives to promote...answers to questions and