TAAP Response to I.O.M. statement May 18, 2004

Date: May 18, 2004

For Immediate Release:
Today the IOM issued a report rejecting a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism and between the MMR shot and autism.

The IOM's final rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism flies in the face of both hard science and common sense. More hard science is still emerging linking the connection between the MMR shot and thimerosal containing vaccines with the subseuent development of autism but was purposely and prematurely avoided when the IOM came out with their statement this morning. The IOM's rejection of a causal relationship between the MMR shot and autism flies in the face of both replicated science and experience. One such experience is that of young boy who had never shown signs of autism, but within 10 minutes of an MMR vaccine, had a 105 degree fever and commenced 10-hours of high-pitched screaming, only to regress into severe autism the following day.

What we are about to say is not a "personal" attack on any of the persons or groups who have worked extremely and laudably hard to protect children from the ravages of thimerosal.

We understand that thimerosal was a "foot-in-the-door," having the largest body of concrete science that was likely to be accepted by persons in the mainstream media and those who work in the healthcare field. We understand that once some people see a "goof" with thimerosal, maybe they will be wary and look into other vaccines; so we understand that this can be used as one tool to help warn people. We understand that the majority of the public is basically brainwashed from all or most directions, and that we are up against quite a bit and could be assailed by them, too. But we still don't think we ever should IMPLY or let it possibly be INFERRED that thimerosal is, was, or ever will be the ONLY problem. AIDS has not a thing to do with thimerosal. Birth control substances, SV-40.... Who knows what's next? (Actually, maybe WHO does know what's next.) We don't want to tell anyone, "We told you so." We want to warn people that there is a bigger picture - a need to see the "forest" and not just the individual trees.

There was always a danger inherent in a thimerosal-only emphasis to the vaccine issue, and the situation that may now be presented by the IOM report illustrates that. If we tell people to just ask for thimerosal-free vaccines or that safe vaccines will be available once the thimerosal is out (or that ANY vaccine can be deemed to be SAFE), we silently imply that, basically, the CDC, the FDA, the WHO, the IOM, and the pharmaceutical industry, etc., can be trusted to not practice either human error, negligence, self-protectionism, willful endangerment, or some other agenda. Is this what we ourselves have found to be the case? Is this what people in Africa or New York City have found to be the case? Is this what people in the Phillipines have found to be the case? We also imply that thimerosal is the only problem, which we know it is not.

Our associations, Vaccination Information And Liberation (V.I.A.L.) and The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP), have a responsibility to protect our children and future generations. We also want to protect both children and adults from the Russian Roulette of vaccines. The line is now drawn in the sand. There is no room left for compromise. If we compromise the truth, we risk misleading innocent people who may then be seriously harmed. The agencies in Washington have proven that they will not "play ball" with us no matter how much hard science we present to them, as evidenced by the situation with thimerosal. The self-protectionism and/or collusion within/among government entities, as influenced also by pharmaceutical interests, will likely never allow the admission that anything else could have been, or could in the future be, harmful about vaccines. It is also noteworthy that pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures are used to address symptoms of diseases and conditions that consumers are now associating with vaccinations. With over 200 additional vaccines in the planning stages, it is time to wake up the rest of the people and put an end to this insanity -- before this pharmaceutically-induced insanity is so pervasive, that the people will be unable to be awakened.

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