Marcel Kinsbourne, M.D.

Burton Hearing

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"Killed bacteria may release toxins as their cell bodies break up. An example is pertussis vaccine, which contains at least one substance that can be poisonous to brain cells. When the toxin injures the brain, this occurs anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the vaccination."--Dr Kingsbourne MD

"It is well known that some lots of pertussis vaccine are associated with a disproportionately high number of notifications of adverse events. These are termed "hot lots". However, the manufacturer is protected by law from disclosing the number of doses that derive from a given lot. Therefore, one lacks the denominator of the function which would reveal whether a given lot appears "hot" because it is more toxic, or because it is the source of more doses. Be that as it may, hot lots offer the possibility of danger to children. Nonetheless, I have never heard that a hot lot has been ordered withdrawn on the basis of VAERS surveillance."---Marcel Kinsbourne, M.D.