Earn Top Rates from the Meningitis C Programme

An article in the Pulse, 20/ 11/99 focused on how GP practises could gear themselves up for the new meningitis C campaign, and how to maximise profits and minimise expenses.

Reproduced here are the opening paragraphs, followed by a table showing the gross income for an average GP from the new meningitis C vaccination programme.

‘The new meningitis C programme will start on November 29. This will bring a very worthwhile clinical gain as well as a reasonable windfall for GPs. How can you fit it in for minimum hassle?

Each GP stands to gain around 1,332 in the first year of the programme and 453 in subsequent years.

Luckily, the priority group is babies under four months (who will need three immunisations at monthly intervals) attending for their first, second or third DTP/Hib/polio, and those attending for their first MMR at 13 months (who will need one meningitis dose only).

This is essentially a captive audience so no extra recall system is needed initially

Dr Couch also adds, further in the article: "Every vaccination will be recorded so that we can easily find the non-attenders and chase them."

Additionally, Dr Couch explains the method of claiming the Item Of Service (IOS) fees, and states:

"the Red Book amendment only grants GP meningitis C IOS fees for under-fives and first year university students. We will get requests from parents whose children missed the programme. If your health authority has not agreed payment, refer parents back to schools and community health.’


Editor: In other words they will not be interested in these children if their is no lOS fee involved!



Assume average 30 births per GP per year, ie 1 50 children under 5. Age <1 year

Babies < four months need three immunisations paid at A, A and B IOS rates respectively.

Babies four -12 months need two immunisations paid at A and B lOS rates

Total 70 A rate and 45 B rate immunisations = 582.25 Age one-five years. One immunisation at B rate IOS rate Total 120 B rate immunisations =750

Total first year profit = 1332.25



(Assuming target payments uprated pro rata)

30 babies per year will have 60 A rate and 30 B rate immunisations

= 445.50

 Source---Informed Parent