[Contains Squalene, the main cause of Gulf War Syndrome]


[NVIC] NIH Wants Toxic Adjuvant in Flu Vaccine (MF59)

MF59TM is a sub-micron oil-in-water emulsion of a squalene, polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (TweenTM 80) and sorbitan trioleate.  Squalene is a natural organic compound originally obtained from shark liver oil and a biochemical precursor to steroids. The MF59 adjuvant was developed by Chiron Corp., a company acquired by Novartis.  MF59 is approved in Europe and is found in several vaccines, such as an influenza vaccine manufactured by Novartis.  It has also been licensed to other companies and is being actively tested in vaccine trials. Exploring Vaccines

Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs Are Only the First Victims By Gary Matsumoto
1.   Many new vaccines feature recombinant DNA. One piece of a deadly germ is inserted or spliced into other organisms, creating bio-engineered microbial molecules. To prompt the body to create antibodies to these recombinants, scientists have created deadly oil-based vaccine additives called adjuvants. Oil-based adjuvants cause extreme inflammation and animals injected with them always develop painful, incurable auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus.

2.   Since Gulf War I, the military has been secretly putting an oil-based adjuvant called SQUALENE into certain experimental lots of military vaccines. Just like lab animals, thousands of soldiers given SQUALENE- laced vaccines have developed disabling auto-immune diseases. Independent researchers have found SQUALENE antibodies in these sick soldiers. In 2005, the military admitted that 1,200 military personnel who received anthrax vaccine before going to Iraq recently developed serious illnesses, including memory loss and chronic fatigue.

3.  The military and federal health agencies have long kept their SQUALENE experiments on U.S. military troops secret because they know that oil-based adjuvants wreak havoc with immune function, causing the body to attack itself. Matsumoto documents how federal and military officials have often been caught lying about the SQUALENE in military vaccines.

4.  Matsumoto warns that the National Institutes of Health has funded production of new vaccines for flu, human papilloma virus, malaria, HIV and herpes that also contain SQUALENE. The federal government has been running human clinical tests on these new commercial vaccines and test subjects have not been properly informed of the grave health dangers. Researchers have even found SQUALENE in some of the older vaccines containing tetanus and diphtheria toxoids. Should we wonder why auto-immune diseases like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are now rampant?

5.    The Bush administration is funding development of new bio-warfare vaccines that will also contain oil- based SQUALENE adjuvants like MF59 or MPL. Because federal officials know that these vaccines may cause disability or death, legislation to protect vaccine makers from lawsuits is expected to be passed by Congress before the end of 2005.* If you become chronically ill from these vaccines, tough luck!  Exploring Vaccines

"Tri-Mix" or "Triple Mix" was the U.S. Army designation in the late 1980s for the squalene emulsion adjuvant now sold by Corixa under the commercial name Ribi Adjuvant System or RAS. Scientists at Fort Detrick began working with this emulsion "vehicle" in 1987 (NIH scientists had been working with squalene emulsions since the late 1970s). As I report in Chapter Three of my book, by 1989 - a year before Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm - Army scientists believed they had succeeded in creating a new, faster-acting anthrax vaccine that induced the same amount of immunity in guinea pigs with one shot of the new vaccine as did three shots of the licensed vaccine.
    The new vaccine was formulated with Tri-Mix adjuvant as well as De-Tox and Syntex Adjuvant Formula I (which were emulsified in either squalene or its more stable, hydrogenated form, squalane). The chief pharmaceutical ingredient in the new vaccine was a more highly purified protective antigen (PA) protein, or fragments or "sub-units" of PA. In parallel research, Fort Detrick also constructed various "chimeras" - genetic engineered hybrid microbes that would biosynthesize protective antigen without any trace of the other two anthrax toxin proteins.
    Theoretically, this would make the new vaccine less "reactogenic" (less likely to induce unpleasant side effects), but it also made it weaker. Previous data from military scientists in both the United States and Britain had already shown that the immune system responded to a wide array of Bacillus anthracis components: all three toxin proteins (PA, LF and EF), to structures called "epitopes" found on the anthrax capsule, the surface of anthrax vegetative cells and the surface of spores.
    By design, all of these epitopes were missing from the new vaccine, which was less reactogenic but, predictably, less immunogenic. It required a new and more powerful adjuvant: one of the new generation oil emulsions. Around 1994, Fort Detrick concluded that the non-spore forming Delta Sterne variant of Bacillus anthracis made the most efficient platform for making recombinant protective antigen, now called rPA102.
    Protective antigen made from this system was emulsified principally with MF59 - an adjuvant made from squalene in water, but without a bacterial component. In 1998, the British scientists at the Center for Applied Microbiological Research at Porton Down adopted the formula for the U.S. "second generation" anthrax vaccine, but added the Ribi Adjuvant System (the old Triple-Mix adjuvant) instead of MF59. According to relatively recent briefings given by Col Arthur Friedlander (U.S. Army, ret.) to senior military officers, Fort Detrick has continued to study the effects of rPA102 when combined with Tri-Mix/RAS, Syntex Adjuvant Formula and MF59.
    Army scientists are still testing rPA102 with alum (the only vaccine adjuvant licensed in the U.S. for human use), Walter Reed Liposomes (made with cholesterol, and sometimes with squalene and monophosphoryl Lipid A), and QS-21. The NIH-approved clinical trials with rPA102 are with alum only. The anti-squalene antibodies in retired and active duty military personnel are evidence that the Army has been acquiring safety and efficacy data for the new vaccine, combined with squalene emulsion adjuvants, by ethically dubious means. All this, and a lot more, is recounted in the book in much greater detail. Please read the whole book, not just parts of it, to fully understand the basis of the very serious charge that the Department of Defense has been conducting covert medical experiments on troops to "fast track" its new anthrax vaccine. Gary Matsumoto

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