Vaccine Claimed Protection
Meningitis 3 yrs (dr Bruno Martin, UNICEF)
Chickenpox Insert: Unknown at present and the need for booster doses is not defined."
Yellow fever 10 years and probably for life (WHO 1999)
Pertussis According to Harrison's Internal Medicine, "the protection ... is transient, with minimal resistance being evident a decade later."  7 years---- (ABC News)

"Incredibly, Dr. Margolis stated that the CDC does not know how long the Hep B Vaccine is effective for.  They have apparently followed the vaccine for 15 years but they have no idea the length of immunity from the vaccine."---Lisa F. Reiss

"In 1989, the then Health Minister Edwina Currie claimed that the new triple measles—mumps—rubella (MMR) vaccine would offer "life-long protection with a single jab". Five years later, the British Government launched the countrywide booster campaign after massive epidemics of measles among previously vaccinated youngsters in America proved that the MMR does not, after all, give you protection for life."--Lynne McTaggart