Enough Rash statements on Measles!--

Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, June 2006.

The Informed Parent are calling for an end to the constant flow of scaremongering statements from so-called 'health' professionals. The latest threat of a measles epidemic appears to be yet another attempt to increase the MMR uptake. Measles has been on a major decline since the mid 1850s and this has absolutely nothing to do with any measles or MMR vaccination. The most dramatic decline in cases and deaths occured BEFORE vaccination.

Interestingly, in a 1959 edition of the British Medical Journal, when there had been 51,000 measles cases in the UK that year, measles was described as 'the commonest disease in the world and normally a mild disease, complications are rare.' This was of course 9 years before the single measles vaccine was introduced when there was no incentive to frighten the public! Additionally when the single vaccine was introduced in 1968 there was less than 30% uptake of the vaccine for the first 4 years of use, and still the number of cases declined. So why are we now being told that unless we have a high uptake there will be epidemics? Why weren't there epidemics when we had low uptake? Why, because vaccination plays no role in the decline in disease.

A reasonably healthy child will sail through measles, and this will help prime and mature their immune systems as well as act as a detox in childhood. Acute illnesses in childhood, like measles, eliminate a build-up of toxins within the child, and it is important not to suppress this action by the body as it may lead to complications or chronic disease later in life. Deaths and complications do not happen randomly there will be underlying factors, so when individual cases are used to scare parents about measles it is important to have all the facts about these cases. 

A growing number of parents worldwide are choosing not to vaccinate at all, and it is not because they can't get the single jabs, it is because they don't see vaccination as playing any kind of role in promoting the health of their children. Injecting a cocktail of microbes, animal and bird tissue, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other chemicals by an unnatural route deep into a child's system has nothing to do with health or immunity. Germs are not the cause of disease, even Pasteur admitted that, in which case why is there a constant attempt to come up with yet another vaccine? As one doctor commented to me recently 'I am sure in a 100 years time doctors will look back in horror as regards to vaccination' - personally I hope it is a lot sooner!

Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, June 2006.