Tetanus vaccine adverse reactions

Adverse reactions to tetanus toxoid

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Article abstract: Severe (grade III) tetanus occurred in three immunized patients who had high serum levels of anti-tetanus antibody. The disease was fatal in one patient. One patient had been hyperimmunized to produce commercial tetanus immune globulin. Two patients had received immunizations one year before presentation. Anti-tetanus antibody titers on admission were 25 IU/ml to 0.15 IU/ml by hemagglutination and ELISA assays; greater than 0.01 IU/ml is considered protective. Even though one patient had seemingly adequate anti-tetanus titers by in vitro measurement 0.20 IU in vivo mouse protection bioassays showed a titer less than 0.01 IU/ml, implying that there may have been a hole in her immune repertoire to tetanus neurotoxin but not to toxoid. This is the first report of grade III tetanus with protective levels of antibody in the United States. The diagnosis of tetanus, nevertheless, should not be discarded solely on the basis of seemingly protective anti-tetanus titers.

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"As reported in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1984, tests of T-lymphocyte subpopulations were done on 11 healthy adults before-and-after routine tetanus booster immunizations. Tests showed a significant though temporary drop in T-helper lymphocytes (a class of white blood cells which helps govern the immune system) in all of the subjects. Special concern rests in the fact that in 4 of the subjects the T-helper cells fell to levels found in active AIDS patients. (2) If this was the result of a single vaccine in healthy adults, it is sobering to think of the consequences of the multiple vaccines (twenty-one at last count) routinely given to infants with their immature systems during the first six months of life. However, we can only speculate as to the consequences, as this test has never been repeated."--Dr Buttram MD

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A new study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics1 supports the findings of three previous studies that children who receive diphteria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) or tetanus vaccines are more likely to have a "history of asthma" or other "allergy-related respiratory symptoms." The study reviewed data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics from 1988 to 1994. The survey data included interviews (by proxy with parents) of 13,944 infants, children and adolescents (2 months through 16 years old). http://www.chiroweb.com/archives/18/07/05.html

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A 33-year-old Nigeria male developed fever, malaise, headache, muscle weakness and polyneurutis 24 hours after administration of tetanus toxoid. These manifestations however cleared within 72 hours. No other identifiable agents or predisposing factors were identified to explain this phenomenon.

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This case documents the 14th reported patient with peripheral neuropathy following tetanus toxoid injection. A 33-year-old man developed profound mixed sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy after receiving 2 tetanus toxoid injections over a 5-month period. Periodic serial electromyographic and nerve conduction studies performed over 2 years suggested both segmental demyelination and axonal neuropathy. The patient experienced partial recovery. Analysis of this case and 13 others reported in literature indicates that in almost all cases (85%), patients had received multiple tetanus toxoid injections. Also, it appears that a prolonged interval of 14 or more days between the tetanus toxoid injection and the onset of neurological symptoms is associated with a poorer prognosis for complete recovery.

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We report the assessment by MRI of a case of radiculomyelitis after vaccination against tetanus-poliomyelitis. In the acute stage the appearance was an isolated myelitis of the conus medullaris with contrast enhancement. The upper thoracic cord presented central areas of high signal intensity on T2 weighted images. Rapid clinical recovery was correlated with resolution of abnormal enhancement. Follow-up MR at 5 months showed persistence of slight T2 prolongation in the conus medullaris and syringohydromyela of the thoracic cord. A single lesion of the spinal cord is a rare presentation of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, the course of such lesions, to date not previously displayed by MR, is unknown. Proper diagnosis should help prevent administration of further vaccine doses.
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Shimoni, Zvi; Dobrousin, Anatoly; Cohen, Jonathan; et al.   "Tetanus in an Immunised Patient" British Medical Journal Online (10/16/99) Vol. 319, No. 7216, P. 1049;
Israeli researchers present the case of a 34-year-old construction worker who was hospitalized after having a reported epileptic fit and experiencing flu-like symptoms. The patient had a low-grade fever, but was alert and coherent. Any attempts to speak or get up on the second day resulted in attacks of risus sardonicus, opisthotonus, and trismus. The patient was diagnosed with tetanus and given 2000 U of human tetanus immunoglobulin. Further treatment was provided, and after 15 days, the patient had stopped taking diazepam and ventilatory support was withdrawn. The man had been fully immunized against tetanus, and had received booster shots five and two years before being hospitalized. Antitetanus immunization has shown to be very successful, and the researchers note that it is exceedingly rare--about four cases per 100 million immunocompetent vaccinated people--for tetanus to develop after being vaccinated.

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