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A Few Unique, Plus Traditional Uses For Silver Colloid By Dr. Robert C. Beck

Bi-phasic Beck Electrification explained Plus a New Discovery for AIDS Treatment Using Wrist Electrodes & 15 Hz MST Zapper (Oct. 20, 2011)

Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Noninvasive, Nonpharmaceutical, In Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects 1996 by Robert C. Beck, D.Sc (Explore publications)  http://explorepub.com/articles/beck/hiv_article.html

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Passing 50 to 100 microamperes of simple D.C. electrical current through Aids infected blood disables the Aids virus and stops reproducing it was discovered in 1992. It also works on a broad range of other viruses/bacteria including Hep-A,B,C and also quite importantly for malaria.see below.  Research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461 in New York but researchers forced to keep quiet after being threatened by the pharmaceutical companies who would lose many 100 of billions of dollars if the method came into wide spread use. Remember an Aids person is a revenue stream for an average of 5 years of between $5,000 to $20,000 per person per year for the pharmaceutical industry. Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria

A Medical Doctor in Nigeria contacted us in 2001 asking if the blood electrification aspect of the BECK Protocol was effective against Malaria. We told him we didn't know but it could be. We sent him a unit to try on one person who was willing to try it and whose life would not be put into danger by trying it. About two months later we heard back from him-the units had been effective with malaria in 5 out of 6 people. Blood Electrification Effectiveness On Malaria