Dentistry & Heart Disease

Dr. Weston Price, along with 60 of the Nation's leading scientists, while working for the ADA, were convinced that endodontically treated teeth DID produce such systemic diseases as kidney and heart diseases, arthritis, pregnancy complications, endocarditis, and other systemic diseases.

Root Canals:

Charlotte Gerson

Hal Huggins video

Are teeth the root of most disease

Root Canal Cover-Up

Interview of George Meinig, author of Root Canal Cover-Up

Case history (diabetes): Sylvia Blank had a root canal tooth removed. She was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago and was crippled with joint aches, with violent intermittent shooting pains in her face and head, wheezing, recurring bronchitis and extreme fatigue. On extraction the head pains went more or less immediately. Her diabetic symptoms, stopped completely after a few weeks.


Book: The Missing Link by Ziff

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