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 "Those who nobly set out to be their brother's keepers sometimes end up by
 becoming his jailer.  Every emancipation has in it the seeds of a new
 slavery, and every truth easily becomes a lie."
 I. F. Stone, American Journalist (1907-1989)
 Last night my wife Linda and I had the pleasure of seeing The Sound of Music
 starring Richard Chamberlain (a first rate production).  In the second act
 there is a scene at the music festival.  It opens with an empty stage and
 suddenly three huge Nazi flags drop from the ceiling: three huge red flags
 with huge black and white swastikas.  I was raised in the 1940's so
 anti-Nazi propaganda was common, but  I was not ready for the visceral
 reaction that grabbed at my heart.  If I could have gotten out of the row
 without stepping on a dozen people I would have left.  I tried to calm
 myself telling myself it was only a play I had seen dozens of times (I
 produced an amateur production once.).  It didn't work.  I was very upset.
 A few minutes later when the play was over and Linda and I were walking to
 our car,  I asked her if the scene had upset her.  She said it had.   I asked
 her what it reminded her of and she answered "Dr. Clark."  I said that was
 how it had affected me.
 What we have seen happen to Dr. Clark over the last month is just like the
 Nazi's Gestapo storm trooper tactics that were portrayed in the play.  The
 use of force to intimidate those who do not share their viewpoint.  The
 "thought police" in action.  The only choice is to submit or flee.   There is
 another way-YOU CAN FIGHT!
 I started to think about who is it that is telling us, telling Americans,
 what they can think and how they can act?  It is not the practicing medical
 doctors who must struggle to do their best under the growing insurance
 bureaucracy who are behind these tactics.  It is the medical establishment
 made up of state medical boards and medical schools who first want to
 control these very doctors.   As an offshoot they want to control anyone
 else who might wish to treat ill people.
 To control medical doctors they can stop them from having hospital
 privileges which can force them out of a community.  If that tactic fails
 they can attack their license.  These are very strong economic pressures
 that usually work to keep medical doctors in line.  To control non-medical
 doctors they had to create laws that fit their needs.  They wrote the laws
 they wanted and had legislators pass them.  They used the argument that they
 are concerned that people may be hurt by non-medical doctors.  It did hurt
 their cause that they gave generously to the legislators' reelection
 campaigns.  After passing these laws state by state, the medical
 establishments took total control of  "real doctors" and have the laws to
 attack anyone else.  All this has taken place in less than 100 years.
 Who are these people anyway?  Would it shock you to find out that they are
 white men?  Almost all doctors until very recently have been white men.
 They work with other white men at the insurance companies many of which the
 physicians formed (Blue Cross/Blue Shield).  Only reluctantly did the white
 men allow women and minorities to become over the last few decades.  The
 real power at the top is still held by white men.
 They say they want this control to protect the public.  There is another way
 to see it, i.e., a way to maintain their control over the trillion dollars
 spent on the medical treatments.  If the system really worked no one would
 have a complaint, but it doesn't work.  Just the creation of HMO's over the
 last decade shows that there are real management problems that are getting
 worse.  The death rate of cancer growing from 3 percent in 1900 to 33
 percent now(1100 percent increase) shows there is something very wrong.  The
 tripling of the rates of diabetes, Alzheimer's (AD), and asthma in the last
 20 years show that the doctors are not getting any better at solving the
 people's health needs.  Examples of the inadequacies of the U.S. medical
 cartel are rampant and getting worse.
 The medical establishment in America is the strongest monopoly we have.  It
 has gotten fat and inbred so that it is incapable of changing to find real
 answers to help people with their health problems.  The situation is not
 hopeless because there are thousands of people, some medical doctors and all
 kinds of others working very hard, under extreme pressure, trying to help
 make up for the medical system's inadequacies.  Are they rewarded for their
 efforts?  No, they are attack as the old failing system tries to maintain
 its economic control.  The losers are the people.
 In fifty years this will all work out.  That is the lifetime of the people
 in control.  It is also the lifetime of the rest of us.  Do you want to wait
 for fifty years before you can get freedom in selecting your own healthcare?
   I bet you want help now.  After all, the root word of health is HEALING,
 does not profit or control.
 There are times we can use the help of medical doctors.  The rest of the
 time, we want the freedom to choose how we want to be treated.  We want to
 be able to find the people who can best help us and not the ones whom we are
 told to see.  This is America and we want and deserve the right to be in
 control of our own lives.  The statistics are showing that Americans are
 using alternative healthcare more and more every year.  If the old system
 was as good as they think it is than this would not be happening.
 The medical establishment is scared and will become more frightened as
 people exercise their right to choose.  They will attack anyway they can,
 not to protect the public but to protect themselves and their money.  More
 and more Gestapo tactics like putting Dr. Clark in jail for 16 days in
 conditions she is reluctant to describe.   Such a display of power is to
 send a message to everyone who does not hold with their monopolistic power.
 Everyone who believes that we have the right to choose our own destiny must
 stand up and say "No more Nazi tactics."  No more attacks like when the
 armed men in Gestapo black raided Dr. Jonathan Wright's office.  He was even
 a medical doctor but that did not stop the medical establishment from being
 so afraid of him to sponsor a baseless attack.
 The power of this medical monopoly is given by the people through their
 representatives.  It is time we send the message that their day of rule by
 intimidation is over.  We want our freedom back.  All we have to do to get
 it back is to stand up for our rights.  Vote at the ballot box and vote with
 your money.  It is time to take back control of our own health!