A cure for Sinusitis   nothing worked. Until I started adding kelp and dulce seaweeds to our daily smoothies.

Herbal Master Dick Shulze, N.D.

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DAMS Case history Marjorie Lensgraf (Sinus Problems)

Dental amalgam toxicity is real! I have actually lived through the nightmare.

I had a severe case of mercury toxicity due to amalgam fillings. Two of the most profound symptoms which plagued me were a constant burning sensation in my mouth and a dry mouth. I had to chew gum continuously to cope with the dryness.

Other symptoms from which I suffered were: dry nasal passages, sinus problems, taste changes, edema of my feet and ankles and the prominence of lymph nodes in my neck. An unusual symptom was blue tattoos on my gums. Another very significant problem was severe depression unrelieved by various drugs.

In my determination to regain my health and hopefully, preserve it, I continued searching for answers by much reading and talking with members of various organizations across the country.

After learning the cause of my illnesses, it still took consulting with twenty dentists before getting the help I so desperately needed.

My detox program included supplements, EDTA chelation, a strict diet, homeopathic remedies and many colonics. I have continued to work hard at detox. My symptoms have all disappeared except for the depression, apathy and dry mouth. The depression did improve, but continued to be a problem.

I read about eggs in the book, "The IV-C Mercury Detox Program, A Guide for the Patient," by Sam Queen. Unwilling to eat raw eggs, I began eating four to six cooked eggs a day. Finally, I decided to try the raw eggs. Please believe me, they work!

Today I am thankful to those individuals, especially Sam Queen and Sam Ziff, who assisted me in solving my health problems.


Sam Ziff

If one should continue experiencing apathy and depression after the removal of all amalgam, I urge that person to consider eating the raw eggs as described in the book mentioned above. The benefits of raw eggs far outweighs the risk. In fact, this regimen has worked like a miracle for me!!

After mercury was removed from my teeth and gums three years ago, my health improved tremendously. However; I continued to have discomfort with the gold and porcelain bridge placed in the front of my mouth. My saliva decreased and I was unable to relax my mouth.

This situation continued to worsen until I almost lost my mind. I met a D.O. at our DAMS meeting and he solved my five-year painful dental problem. He suggested that my dentist cut the metal in my bridge. That gave some relief but the miracle came when the center part of the bridge was removed. My saliva increased and I can now relax m mouth for the first time in 5 years. I had an electrical-current problem - metal across the midline - and my cranium locked up due to the inability of the maxillae bone to move. Some dentists say there is no movement in this bone, others say there is. Perhaps my experience will help others. My problem was more than electrical and metal across the midline - the non-metal rigid bridge that did not allow movement of the maxillae bone was the primary problem. As a bonus, I have dreamed every night since the procedure, after not dreaming for years.

If I had one wish, I'd want to be as thoughtful and kindhearted as my doctor and my friends whose help and prayers got me through a particularly terrible time in my life and I'm very grateful.