Boehringer Ingelheim
Drug industry


Boehringer Ingelheim, the Connecticut-based company that makes Viramune (nevirapine)

[Great picture of 4 important media Pharma shills--from The Independent, The Guardian, Daily Mail and Private Eye.  Vaccine salespeople of the year!]

MJA AWARDS 2004 (L to R) Jeremy Laurance, The Independent; Jenny Hope, Daily Mail; Sarah Boseley, The Guardian; Gill Markham, Corporate Affairs Director, Wyeth; Dr Phil Hammond. 
Writer and broadcaster Dr Phil
Hammond presented the MJA Awards at a ceremony at the Royal College of General Practitioners on July 7th.
    Pharmaceutical company
Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored this year's presentation ceremony and the Freelance Journalist of the Year and the Medical Charity categories. The Medical Journalist of the Year and Medical Publication awards were sponsored by Pfizer UK. The Health Journalist of the Year was sponsored by Wyeth.

[Don't expect the Alzheimer's Society to tell you about Chelation therapy with such a huge market in Alzheimer's drugs, and it would also open up the Pandora's box on metal induced Iatrogenic diseases such as Autism & Alzheimer's.]
The Alzheimer's Society was named Medical Charity of the Year. (L to R) Dr Phil Hammond; Julia Cream, Head of Public Affairs, Alzheimer's Society; Uwe Weiler, Managing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim.