Brittle bones (and child abuse)
Child Health

[See: Shaken Baby Syndrome, Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, Cot death and vaccination]

[2012 Vid] Bad Medicine: Big Pharma drug CAUSES bone fractures  Fosamax. Reports had begun to emerge that some women taking bisphosphonates for many years suffered an unusual fracture of the femur, the long bone of the thigh. There was little or no trauma; in most cases the women were simply standing or walking when the femur snapped in half. In some, breaks occurred in both thighs, and many of the fractures were unusually slow to heal.

[2011 Aug] Family's 18 months of hell after two children are taken away when blundering social workers wrongly accuse them of breaking baby's limbs

[Media, May 14, 2006] Our son broke his leg, so social workers took our three children away...then had them adopted

[Media Dec 2004] Brittle bone parents suspected of abuse
[Media Dec 2004] Bone disease taken for child abuse 

[Media Aug 2001] They said we hit our baby when all the time he had brittle bones

[Media UK, 18 Oct 2000] Brittle bones 'are being diagnosed as child abuse'

"He said antibiotics that Ana Moya received during her pregnancy may have killed bacteria needed to produce important minerals particularly vitamins C and K that strengthen bones, tissues and blood vessels."--- [Media Jan 2005] Villegas defense: Baby died from vitamin deficiency

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The group is aimed at parents who have been, or are going through the child protection system, where the child has, or may possibly have OI, (Brittle bones). Due to the diagnostic complications that can sometimes arise with OI, diagnosis can be very difficult to achieve. Accusations can be direct or indirect, each being equally harmful.