Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy/ Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII)
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[In 1977 the former head of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Professor Sir Roy Meadow, termed the condition 'Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy' which he claimed was one reason many parents and carers injure children in their care (one mother he killed was Sally Clark). He was found guilty of serious professional misconduct in July 2005, and was struck off the medical register. But Sir Roy appealed, and the GMC's verdicts have now been overturned.  It is very telling that he was on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (from 1987) and so knew all about vaccine injuries and deaths and was using this syndrome  he invented (with the blessing of the Medical Mafia) to hide many vaccine deaths, which could explain why he got away with it for so long.  They have been hiding vaccine Deaths  for 200 years, eg with Cot death, and a new one Shaken Baby Syndrome where they kill your baby, blame you, and throw you in jail.]

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[2010 Dec] The Professional Assassination Of Autism Expert Lisa Blakemore-Brown by Christina England   In her article which she entitled False illness in children – or simply false accusations , she described a tragic case that she had been involved with involving a child that had developed a dangerously high fever, immediately after routine vaccinations. Shortly thereafter, he began to bang his head, soil and lost all his language. After many investigations, the child was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome. The mother began to suspect that the vaccinations were the root of the child’s problems and decided not to have her other children vaccinated. As time went on, she became desperate for help and turned to the social services, begging them for respite care because she was finding her elder son difficult to manage. Instead of the help this mother so badly needed, she was accused of MSBP and her children were taken away from her.  In foster care, the youngest child, a little girl, was vaccinated against the wishes of her mother. Instantaneously and tragically, her behaviour deteriorated the same way as her brother’s had, only this time the foster carer had video tapes of before and after vaccinations to prove this. Despite this evidence, both of the younger children were adopted.

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[Media 2000] Parents 'risk losing children' over MMR complaints  PARENTS who claim their children have developed autism as a result of being given the controversial MMR vaccine risk having them taken away by social workers, MSPs will be told next week. A leading autism expert said yesterday that an estimated 200 such families in the UK, including Scotland, had lost their children after being accused of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. Dr Paul Shattock, director of the Autism Research Unit at Sunderland University, said the court orders had been carried out under cover of draconian gagging orders framed ostensibly to safeguard the identity of the children........."There have been cases where people say their children are autistic and blame the vaccine. Then social services come and say the child is not autistic, you have made him that way because of Munchausen's, and they take the children away," he said.


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Professor David Southall is facing a GMC investigation after complaints by at least six parents dating back at least seven years. Some say their children were taken into care after they were wrongly diagnosed with Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy....One mother, who didn't want to be named, who has complained to the GMC, told the BBC: "It didn't only destroy me, it destroyed a lot of other people in the process."

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I have come across a case where a child was seriously damaged by an insecticide where doctors  told the parents to stop pointing out that the illness was caused by chemical exposure and threatened to certify the parents as suffering from MSBP with hints the child could be taken into care. In this particular case the Health and Safety Executive in the U.K. was eventually forced to agree after, being supplied a mass of scientific and medical evidence, that the parents were correct and that their son had indeed been made seriously ill by the organophosphate insecticide he was exposed to. Edward Priestley 

"There were 40+ SIDS deaths in my city area (including my own children) these 40+ deaths occurred within a total of 2 years. For a population of approx 250,000 this appeared to be a high incidence. In fact this is documented by a GP as being ‘a significant blip’.
   ......In 2 years in one city it is clear that there were other families that had suffered 2 SIDS deaths. (This is confirmed by ‘other sources’) Families that had little or no connection with each other and families that lived in separate parts of the city. The only real connection between them being that the majority of deaths were amongst the military community.
............To say that the chance of 2 SIDs deaths is rare is disproved by events in my own city.
    ......I discovered that all 40+ SIDS victims Post Mortem Files apparently also ‘could not be found’.   My own child died within 36 hours of having his vaccines. My first child died approx 2 weeks after vaccines. I know of one other family (in my own city) whose child died within 24 hours of having vaccines. The parents were convinced that their child died as a result of the vaccines and actually told the pathologist when he gave the cause of death as SIDS that they thought there had been a ‘cover up’.
    ......I find it interesting that the majority of deaths within my own area occurred on or around the time of vaccines being due. I understand that one ‘batch’ of these vaccines would have been enough to vaccinate the children of my own city. Was this a ‘hot’ lot?" [Aug 2007 Blog] Cot Deaths and Vaccines - Child Protection turned on its head by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

[2004] “How I lost two children to the 'lie' of Munchausen's. A mother tells how she was blamed when her son died after being given cisapride

[2004] “Child abuse probe uncovers deadly role of axed drug” Calls for inquiry after cisapride linked to 136 deaths