Dowsing suppression (Debunking )
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[Dowsing is one of the abilities/skills that have to be discredited by the Elite as the don't want it's power to be generally known and available.  Essentially a skilled dowser taps into Universal Knowledge.  Ask any question and you get an answer, it's correctness depending on your dowsing ability.  For one thing it is a bit too close to God Knowledge, and would help destroy the religion of Atheism.  This is one of the jobs of the Pseudo-Skeptics such as Richard Saunders: Water Divining Test.  Anyone, especially someone with psychic ability can interfere with the dowsing ability, and this looks to be Randi's method.  All mineral and oil companies use dowsers.  Rest assured the Elite have an army of dowsers, just like they have an army of psychics, while they rubbish those sort of abilities, eg Telepathy  Remote Viewing (RV)  Psychic quotes Supermen Radionics relies on dowsing (banned in the USA).  The other main reason dowsing is suppressed is because it would reveal Earth Energies as a power source of the Elite they want to keep to themselves, as well expose the effect Earth Radiation has on causing diseases such as cancer, shown by Bachler and Gustav Freiherr von Pohl as long ago as 1929.  Millions must die every year from cancer due to its suppression, sent to an early grave through sleeping or living on toxic Earth Energies.]

"Often the term "debunkery" is not limited to arguments about scientific validity. It can also be used in a more general sense at attempts to discredit any opposing point of view, such as that of a political opponent."--Wiki