[Debunking is the name for the tactic of discrediting any opposing point of view or information that the Elite want suppressed or kept secret, but done under the guise of exposing quackery & junk science.  The Health Fraud movement is based around this, Chief debunkers are Richard Dawkins & James Randi.]

Crop Circles
Debunking Dowsing

See: Psychopathy

"One should alway mistrust the word "debunked". It proposes only a socialite's standard for judging the value of information. It really only tells you that you invite social mockery if you defend something, it doesn't tell you that it isn't true. It is essentially a disgusting and crooked strategy and should put anyone on their guard when they see it."  John Stone

Satanic ritual abuse--a notion fully debunked by a government inquiry which reported there was no evidence anywhere that Satanic ritual abuse existed (Eye passim ad nauseam)."   ---Private Eye (Feb 2012 No. 1307 p.31