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[2010 April] Seroxat Withdrawal...The Evidence, However, Is Abundantly Clear! by Bob Fiddaman

[pdf 2009] Paroxetine - The Teratogenic Effect by Bob Fiddaman

Committee on the Safety of Medicines & GSK Ties

The Risks Outweigh the Benefits - An Interview with Bob Fiddaman  The withdrawal hell of Seroxat doesn't look like much when reading about it. One has to experience it at first hand to fully understand just how debilitating it can be. .....GSK messed my life up and are continuing to mess with other people’s lives. I don't want them to do that so I write about them.  In all I was on the liquid Seroxat for a total of 18 months, weaning down from 40mg per day to 22mg per day - it was a long process but It was something I needed to do. This drug had control of me, my thoughts, my emotions, dare I say it, my whole life.

[2010] The Evidence, However, Is Clear…The Seroxat Scandal by Bob Fiddaman