Genetics ploy
Medical Mind Control

[This is a rationalization made by the medical industry for any disease or condition they don't want anyone knowing the cause of eg Autism, Alzheimer's, Pedophilia, as they are usually man made, by them.  And genetics is a good mirage to carry on the development of drugs using animals, a BBC favourite to justify vivisection.  Latest genetic racket is Organ Removal for "Cancer Prevention" They hide the fact we aren't meant to eat Wheat by making out we have a genetic defect they call 'gluten intolerance', with Milk it's 'lactose intolerance'. ]

Autism and genetics

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[2010 Dec] Yellow Dirt By Lee Camp  The experts decided that the disorder was genetic in origin.....Even after some of the Navajo families received compensation, admittedly small, from a mining company settling a suit due to the exposure of the children’s mothers to water contaminated by uranium mining during their pregnancies, the research for a genetic cause continued.  Some of the genetic researchers theorized that reduced mitochondrial levels might be involved.  A few researchers allowed for an environmental trigger. But the genetic focus continued even as occurrences apparently decreased as use of contaminated water decreased

[2009 June] Gene Theory for Depression Is Now Discredited  A study that attempted to replicate the "seminal" study that laid the foundation for psychiatry's "serotonin theory" of depression, claiming a genetic- serotonin impairment underlying depression, has been debunked by the data from 14 similar studies claiming a genetic underpinning to depression.

[2007] French presidential candidate Sarkozy says pedophilia is genetic and unmanageable   In an interview with a French magazine, Sarkozy said he is “inclined to think that people are born pedophiles, and that it is also a problem that we do not know how to manage.”

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The Alzheimer's "gene"

ur fate is not in our genes, Dear Brutus, but in the chemicals that increasingly pollute our world and our children.[April 2007] The Age of Autism: Ground Zero

The relative had the same local haematology specialist as Edward who, on realising they had the same name and were related, immediately stated that the conditions were similar which showed that the causes of these disorders were genetic and must run in the family. However, no other member of the family has, to date, suffered from a blood dyscrasia. This went on for several months, the consultant becoming more and more dogmatic that the causes were genetic. It would have been amusing to see his face when eventually the relative, who could only keep from laughing with difficulty, pointed out that the cause could not be genetic as she was only related by marriage. What this does show is that the conditions are indeed of the same causes as those documented in medical papers - drugs, chemicals and radiation. It also shows the zeal with which the medical profession try to place the cause of some conditions as anything but the true cause. It was this same consultant who, after telling Edward that there were no known causes of blood dyscrasias, walked off angrily when Edward took his BNF drug book out of his pocket and opened it at pages which documented several drugs to have aplastic anaemia as a side effect! TOXIC OVERLOAD: BLOOD DISORDERS AND CANCERS RESULTING FROM EXPOSURE TO DRUGS, CHEMICALS AND RADIATION by Edward Priestley

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