Organ Removal for 'Cancer Prevention'
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[It's the old prevention ploy Allopathy rests on with the Vaccination Racket.  With vaccination they suppress the cure for all infections, Vitamin C, so they can frighten you with Infectious scares to sell vaccines.  No need to 'prevent' diseases you can cure easily, like breast cancer, with Alternative Medicine, and Ryke Geerd Hamer proved cancer was an emotional trauma, and was curing 90% of his patients.  True causes for all the diseases would be bad for business, and finger Allopathy as the main cause in many of them (Cot-death, AIDS, Polio, Alzheimer’s...) Coley had a 65-69% breast cancer cure rate in the 1890s!  Removing ovaries (Covert sterilisation), puts you onto HRT, a genuine cause of cancer! And you can see other consequences of removing ovaries in the Hysterectomy racket.  Great example of Psychopathy/Satanism like Circumcision, and Vaccination etc.]

See early detection Mammography racket.
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[2014] SURGICAL MUTILATION AND MIND CONTROL - DOCTORS WILL "CUT THE RISK OF OVARIAN CANCER" BY REMOVING HEALTHY FALLOPIAN TUBES  ''The solution that they've come up with is to combine surgical mutilation with certain forms of indoctrination. What they believe is that when surgical mutilation is combined with indoctrination, such persons can retain their intellectual capacity while becoming completely submissive to their masters. What Illuminati psychiatrists believe is that when a person is subjected to extreme surgical mutilation, this creates a permanent feeling of powerlessness. So when such a person is then subjected to indoctrination, that person will accept the indoctrination more willingly..."

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