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Herpes by Hulda Clark

Any zapper cures ordinary herpes in a few minutes but a month of zapping is needed to ensure that it won't recur.  I think that's because viruses live inside of cells, where microcurrent won't penetrate, and only come into the bloodstream to multiply, which is when they're vulnerable to microcurrent so one needs to zap constantly during their lifespan (3 weeks).
    Only the Terminator zapper seems to cure genital herpes consistently and in that case it needs to be worn on or near the sacrum more or less continuously for a month or so.  Men find it harder to cure than women do.
    Since the advent of endemic chronic sickess from chemtrails in 1999, though, a lot of these sufferers who also got herpes have found that the lesions keep occurring even after the virus is killed and we think that this is because the body's liver/colon functions are compromised, so the body finds the old pathways of the virus to be convenient avenues to eliminate waste material.  The way for these people to know that the virus is no longer present is that the lesions are no longer painful and when their affected vital organs are restored the lesions stop occurring.'---Don Croft

I used genital herpes sufferers to test subtle energy mods on the zapper, leading up to the eventual Terminator configuration in 2000, which Carol helped me finalize right after we got together.   That's because the genital herpes virus is the most virulent one 'available' for testing.   The reason it's the hardest viral condition to cure, though, is because that virus is phenomenally hardy and  hides in the caudus equina in the sacral area when it's not out in the bloodstream, replicating.  
    It's so strong that unless someone keeps a zapper (loaded with subtle energy 'weaponry') near the sacrum more or less around the clock for at least three weeks, a complete cure is unlikely, especially for men.  Any virus life cycle is three weeks.    I think gen. herpes is a natural virus--maybe nature's answer to the 'alternative' to committing to one sexual partner?   http://www.ethericwarriors.com/ip/viewtopic.php?p=8526#p8526