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"The total number of iatrogenic deaths ...... is 783,936. It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States." Death by Medicine

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When you research the rise of juvenile bipolar illness in this country, you see that it appears in lockstep with the prescribing of stimulants for ADHD and antidepressants for depression. Prior to the use of those medications, you find that researchers reported that manic-depressive illness, which is what bipolar illness was called at the time, virtually never occurred in prepubertal children. But once psychiatrists started putting “hyperactive” children on Ritalin, they started to see prepubertal children with manic symptoms. Same thing happened when psychiatrists started prescribing antidepressants to children and teenagers. A significant percentage had manic or hypomanic reactions to the antidepressants.
    When you add up all this information, you end up documenting a story of how the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the United States have been destroyed in this way. In fact, I think that the number of children and teenagers that have ended up “bipolar” after being treated with a stimulant or an antidepressant is now well over one million. This is a story of harm done on an unimaginable scale. [2010] Robert Whitaker Interview

A review of practices in hospitals in the UK has found that 850,000 errors occur every year, resulting in 40,000 deaths, although the rate could be as high as 72,000 deaths a year. NURSE, THE SCREENS:  Hospitals are killing too many patients (WDDTY)

Lazarou J, Pomeranz BH, Corey PN. JAMA 1998 Apr 15;279(15):1200-5  Incidence of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients: a meta-analysis of prospective studies.
" We estimated that in 1994 overall 2,216,000 (1,721,000-2,711,000) hospitalized patients had serious ADRs and 106,000 (76000-137000) had fatal ADRs, making these reactions between the fourth and sixth leading cause of death."

"Ralph Nader, the nation's foremost consumer advocate, thinks that the medical profession kills nearly 300,000 Americans each year. Even if Nader exaggerates by an extremely improbable 95%, that's a horrible number of funerals caused by physicians."---Dr Saul

NEWS REPORT: 1998 Bad reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medicines kill more than 100,000 Americans and seriously injure an additional 2.1 million every year -- far more than most people realize, researchers say.  Such reactions, which do not include prescribing errors or drug abuse, rank at least sixth among U.S. causes of death -- behind heart disease, cancer, lung disease, strokes and accidents, says areport based on an analysis of existing studies. (University of Toronto study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr. Bruce Pomeranz )

"I go to a poison registry and I find that no one has died from any overdose of any vitamins, herbs, or amino acids.....But FIVE THOUSAND people end up dying from drug reactions in a single year."--Gary Null

        "Lucian Leape, a Harvard University professor who conducted the most comprehensive study of medical errors in the United States, has estimated that 1 million patients nationwide are injured by errors during hospital treatment each year and that 120,000 die as a result.
        That number of deaths is the equivalent of what would occur if a jumbo jet crashed every day; it is about three times the 43,000 people killed each year in U.S. automobile accidents.
        ``It's by far the No. 1 problem'' in health care, said Leape, an adjunct professor of health policy at the Harvard School of Public Health.
        In their study, Leape and his colleagues examined patient records at hospitals throughout New York state. Their 1991 report found that one of every 200 patients admitted to a hospital died as a result of a hospital error.
        Researchers such as Leape say that not only are medical errors not reported to the public, but those reported to hospital authorities represent roughly 5 percent to 10 percent of the number of actual medical mistakes at a typical hospital.
        ``The bottom line is we have a system that is terribly out of control,'' said Robert Brook, a professor of medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles. ``It's really a joke to worry about the occasional plane that goes down when we have thousands of people who are killed in hospitals every year.'' (Charlotte Observer, sept 12, 1999)

"With arthritis, medical treatment has an air of desperation. Doctors not only don’t know how to sort out the problem but often make a hash of things, throwing a load of potentially lethal drugs at the condition and then prescribing new drugs to deal with the side effects caused by the "treatment"."---Lynne McTaggart

One study estimated that 20,000 hospitalisations and 2,600 deaths each year could be linked to a group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in rheumatoid patients. According to the FDA, "200,000 cases of gastrointestinal bleeding, with 10,000 to 20,000 deaths, occur each year due to the 68 million prescriptions of NSAIDs, used for arthritis.

The other category of drugs that reduce inflammation is the corticosteroids. Side effects include ulcers, mental changes, wasting of muscles in arms and legs, and hair growth over face, and "moon" face.

Opren, Tanderil, Butazolidin, Zomax, Flenac, Eraldrin, Ibufenac, Flosint and Suprol, are arthritic drugs given to hundreds of millions of people after being declared safe by animal testing. All were subsequently removed from the market as "dangerous" after causing many deaths.

Benzodiazepines (anti-depressants)  [See Benzodiazepines]
Since 1960, the UK medical profession has turned at least three million adults and two million ‘Benzo Babies’— infants whose mothers took tranquillisers during pregnancy—into brain-damaged addicts. There are currently still some one million patients trapped in addiction and another million disabled by withdrawals. The big tranquilliser cover-up by Margaret Bell

MORE than 50,000 babies a year are at risk of brain damage or death because they are poisoned by tranquillisers in the womb...The effects on the infants, who absorb the drugs through the placenta,. are even more devastating than those of heroin. One mother who was prescribed Valium while pregnant told yesterday about the agony her child later suffered. Janet Kerr, 62, said her son Charles was was born "in real distress" and doctors thought he would die. She nursed him through but he grew up with learning difficulties that made him "burst with embarrassment." He became addicted to Valium and committed suicide -at the age of 19....Research by pressure group Benzact supports fears that 50,000 babies a year are affected by tranquillisers. The organisation’s co-ordinator, Sue Bibby, said: "This problem is now. out of control." Experts believe tranquillizers could even be the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome- cot death.  [Medisa July 22, 2001] In the womb and hooked on tranquillisers

Basically, long-term use of benzodiazepines causes disintegration of the personality, largely because of an increase in anxiety and a simultaneous suppression of the ability to cope with it. The anxiety becomes totally destructive and disabling. ...the continual use of benzodiazepines leads to the inadequate production of coping chemicals and to anxiety that becomes enormous and out of hand....Fear is the overriding problem faced by a benzodiazepine-addicted individual and, without exception, all will tell you that unexplainable fear rules their lives. Carrying the fight to stop tranquilliser addiction--Pam Armstrong

More than a million adults in Britain are hooked on drugs prescribed for them by their GPs, a BBC documentary reveals. [Media May 2001] Hidden world of tranquilliser addicts

Neuroleptics (Antipsychotic drugs)  [See: Typical antipsychotics]
Drugs will never cure mental illness only palliate it. At least 10 to 20% of neuroleptic-treated patients get tardive dyskinesia (TD). In older people and long-term use the rates escalated to at least 40% in hospitals & clinics. One study among elderly women treated with the drugs, 66% suffered from tardive dyskinesia.

TD is a movement disorder that can afflict any of the voluntary muscles. While some symptoms improve or even disappear after medication removal, most cases are permanent.

"The risk of developing severe TD from antipsychotic drugs probably lies between 20% and 40%, but mild symptoms appear in up to 70% of patients."—Jack Gorman, Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs, 1990.

Estimates at around 1 million people with brain damage from Thorazine. Not just damage to motor functions (TD), but mental dysfunction.

"I believe more than 1 million Americans suffer from TD. It seems conservative to say that in 1991, tens of millions of TD victims are alive around the world…..Psychiatry has unleashed an epidemic of neurological disease on the world. Even if TD were the only permanent disability produced by these drugs, by itself, this would be among the worst medically-induced disasters in history."—Dr Breggin.

Since 1954 in the United States, the administration of one class of twenty psychiatric drugs called neuroleptics— Thorazine, Haldol, Mellaril, Stelazine, Prolixin, and others— has caused between 300,000 and one million cases of motor brain damage. Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life)

"The miracle drugs (neuroleptics) cause the worst plague of brain damage in medical history."--Peter Breggin, M.D.

"I believe more than 1 million Americans suffer from TD. It seems conservative to say that in 1991, tens of millions of TD victims are alive around the world…..Psychiatry has unleashed an epidemic of neurological disease on the world. Even if TD were the only permanent disability produced by these drugs, by itself, this would be among the worst medically-induced disasters in history."—Peter Breggin, M.D.

"The risk of developing severe TD from antipsychotic drugs probably lies between 20% and 40%, but mild symptoms appear in up to 70% of patients."—Jack Gorman, Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs, 1990.

Thorazine was used regularly at the CIA’s Jonestown , Guyana group control experiment. Survivors of Jonestown have testified as to its effectiveness. After this gruesome experiment in mind control came to its end with a massacre, large amounts of drugs were discovered. Just one footlocker at Jonestown alone contained 11,000 doses. The authorities prevented chemical autopsies of the bodies to insure secrecy of this sophisticated concentration camp which was used for medical and psychiatric experimentation by the CIA. An examination of the drugs that are used in mental hospitals to alter the minds of patients offers a clear indication of what is being used in the Monarch Mind Control programming. The Illuminati Formula 3. THE USE OF DRUGS

In 2001, there were 7.5 million unnecessary surgical procedures, resulting in 37,136 deaths at a cost of $122 billion (using 174 US dollars) Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD (2003/4)

Every year in the United States, physicians perform 15 million unnecessary surgeries. Every year, 60,000 people die from those unnecessary surgeries Rappoport, Jon  (Ownership of All Life)

"Each year nearly 300,000 bypass surgeries and 250,000 angioplasties are performed in the United States. Furthermore, nearly twenty thousand deaths occur each year as a result of these procedures. In 1992, Nortin Hadler, MD, professor of Medicine at North Carolina School of Medicine, wrote that none of the 250,000 angioplasties performed the previous year could be justified and that only 3-5% of the 300,000 coronary artery bypass surgeries done the same year were actually indicated."---Gary Null

"Even JAMA has said that 44% of bypass surgeries are of questionable necessity. In reality the number of unnecessary heart surgeries is far higher….The scientific evidence damning most (though not all) heart surgery is overwhelming……Up to 4% die (from the operation)…up to 5% may sustain long-lasting or permanent cerebral damage."---Julian Whitaker

        Around 30 years ago  Dr Hardin B. Jones, Professor of Medical Physics & Physiology at Berkeley, announced the results of sifting and collating a large number of unpublished hospital records, announced at the 1969 Science Writers Conference of the ACS. He disclosed that analysis of the mass of case histories indicated that, statistically, the life expectancy of untreated cancer cases appears to be FOUR TIMES LONGER than that of treated individuals.
        "My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, other than when used in immediate life-threatening situations.
        With every patient that...boosts his health to build up his natural resistance, there's a high chance that the body will find its own defence against cancer." He warned against "...being made into a hopeless invalid through radical medical intervention which has zero chance of extending life."---Prof Jones.

Vaccination [See: Vaccine disease]
"According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, as many as 800,000 vaccine induced injuries have occurred every year in the United States since 1990."--Leonard Horowitz

"Since 1990, between 12,000 and 14,000 reports of hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following vaccination are made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, annually, but it is estimated that only between 1 and 10 percent of all doctors make reports to VAERS. Therefore, the number of vaccine-related health problems occurring in the United States every year may be more than 1 million."---Barbara Loe Fisher

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Asthma, now 1 in 5 children.

"Asthma is just out of control," said Dr. Edward Bailey, medical director of the Springfield school system and a Baystate Medical Center pediatrician."--Media

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The main suspect in autism (now 1 in 100 kids with 500,000 autistic people in the UK alone) is vaccination.

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"Striking increases in chronic illnesses have occurred in temporal association with an increase in vaccination rates. Asthma and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, causes of lifelong morbidity and frequent premature death, have nearly doubled in incidence since the introduction of many new, mandatory vaccines. There is no explanation for this increase. The temporal association, although not probative, is suggestive and demands intense investigation. Instead of following up on earlier, foreign studies suggesting a greater-than-chance association, the CDC, through vaccine mandates, is obliterating the control group (unvaccinated children)."---Jane Orient MD