BIG INSURA (Insurance racket)
Medical Hoaxes

[Most (costly) insurance (and government medicine, eg NHS) is for the (monopoly) medicine least likely to cure you!  See: Medical Hoaxes. In fact, it is more likely to hasten your departure----See: Iatrogenic.  Big Insura is a Big Pharma front, they pay for all the vaccinations!]


[2016 oct] Pediatrician's Viral Response to Anti-Vaxxers: "I Didn't Bust My Ass Just So I Could Hurt Kids"

[Birth trauma]  Insurance companies often refuse to cover home births, because supporting the alternatives would eventually eliminate our need for their health insurance. In other words, the American medical system's prices are kept artificially high, so that customers are forced to buy insurance, which has policies ensuring that medical prices continue being high for the sake of perpetuating its own wealth-generating existence. Insurance companies have an incestuous relationship with the medial establishment, and neither would support anything that might decrease our dependence upon them, or decrease cost. Insurance agents have a tendency to seek only advice from in-system doctors, who predictably claim that home births are dangerous. The statistical evidence overwhelmingly proves the opposite. For example, America has the most births performed in hospitals, but it has the highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world. Statistics prove that the more medical care a child receives, the more likely he is to die. Why Americans Ought To Reevaluate What They Were (Falsely) Taught about Child Birth

[2016 Sept FB.  Shows connection to CDC bandits.] ''My insurance knows now I don't vaccinate. They had called and somehow it got brought up. I believe they asked. Anyways. Now suddenly the cdc is sending me letters and calling asking me to do a vaccination survey. I know its because of the insurance because that is the only people that have my parents house number instead of my cell phone. I told them the day before yesterday that I wasn't interested in doing a survey and the lady had the audacity to ask me why. Uhm because I don't want to. Ugh. Well they called again today and now my dad has received a letter. Do I do the survey or what? I feel like they are begining to go too far and almost to the point of harassing because I've already firmly told them I'm not interested. My parents told me to do the survey. -.-Oh and they even sent a $1 bill in the letter and says they will send $10 more. 😂 wtf?''

Since the name of the medical game was money, a means had to be devised to provide the patient with money that could only be used to pay for approved medical treatment. Enter the insurance company concept. Today employees have, as an important part of their remuneration for their work, a health insurance policy. This health insurance policy does not pay for all health related needs; it only pays for those health related services that are approved. These, of course, are the synthetic drug therapies that are known to work poorly, if at all.
    In order to secure effective medical treatment from the alternative sector of the economy the patient must pay for it himself; insurance companies specifically exclude virtually all alternative treatment. One wonders why so many continue to pay for an insurance program that cannot, even in principle, be of any real benefit to them. GANGSTERS IN MEDICINE By Thomas Smith

To date, the gap or ignorance of FDA approved drugs has created hypochondriacs. This can be seen by the fact that people now pay exorbitant amounts of money on health insurance their entire lives to ensure they have access to prescription drugs. Or, careers with paltry wages are rationalized by having health insurance as a benefit. In this case, health insurance acts as a "Velcro package" sticking people to a false sense of security at the same time stripping them of their free will. Having health insurance to obtain prescription drugs is not a benefit, it is a liability. Simply because a poison is inexpensive via health insurance doesn't mean it is good for you.
    Health insurance is an illusion. In reality, it is a means by which medical doctors and drug companies monopolize their power. It dictates the use of prescription drugs and nothing else. When a person has "health insurance" they must, by default, choose prescription drugs. This is the only way their investment can be returned. Therefore, most will never question doctor's orders or seek alternatives; they will simply swallow the pill that makes them ill. Having health insurance eliminates choice in health care.
    Consumer choice is the solution to a flawed health care system fueled by health insurance. Having insurance based on choice would enable policyholders to use nutritional supplements, acupuncture, personal trainers, and/or massage therapy in place of prescription drugs. If done, drug companies would crumble and people would begin to see the benefits of alternatives. [2006] Interview of Shane Ellison author of Health Myths Exposed

An insurance company wouldn't cover his patients. Isn't it interesting? If you have coronary bypass surgery, it will be completely covered. Fifty, sixty thousand dollars - not including your flowers - without a question. But if you want to have chelation therapy that over one million Americans have had successfully, that will reverse the actual cause of your disease, clear your arteries and help prevent stroke so that you're actually WELL, and it's NON TOXIC and the whole treatment will run about four thousand dollars . . . they don't want to cover that. Now, why don't they? Because, wouldn't it save them money? Wouldn't it be reasonable? YES, until you realize that every one of these insurance companies has to honor the Medical Advisory Board. The Medical Advisory Board tells them which therapies are acceptable and which are not. Fascism in Medicine by Gary Null, Ph.D