Nature Cure: Philosophy & Practice Based on the Unity of Disease & Cure
by Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

1.  What is Nature Cure?
2.  Catechism of Nature Cure
3.  What is Life?
4.  The Unity of Disease and Treatment--The Three Primary Causes of Disease
Primary and Secondary Causes of Disease
Primary Causes
Secondary Causes
Natural Methods of Treatment
    1. Return to Nature
    2. Economy of Vital Force
    3. Elimination
The Three Primary Causes of Disease
Lowered Vitality
Health Positive--Disease Negative
Health and Disease Resident in the Cell
Abnormal Composition of Blood and Lymph
Accumulation of Morbid Matter and Poisons
Mental and Emotional Influences
5.  The Unity of Acute Diseases--Natural Immunity-- Bacteria-Secondary, Not Primary Manifestations of Disease
Natural Immunity
Bacteria: Secondary, Not Primary, Manifestations of Disease
6.  The Laws of Cure--The Law of Dual Effect

      Why Does the Greater Part of Allopathic Materia Medica Consist of Virulent Poisons?
        The Law of Dual Effect
7.  Suppression Versus Elimination--Suppression the Cause of Chronic Diseases
The Results of Suppression of Children's Diseases
Good Nature Cure Doctrine from an Allopathic Authority
Cancer Caused by Over-Living
Studies African Race
Suppression, the Cause of Chronic Diseases
Proofs by the Diagnosis from the Eye
8.  Inflammation--The Five Stages of Inflammation
The Story of Inflammation
With the Evil, Nature Provides the Cure
The Five Stages of Inflammation
1. Incubation.
    2. Aggravation.
    3. Destruction.
    4. Abatement.
    5. Resolution or Reconstruction.
Suppression During the First Two Stages of Inflammation
Catching a Cold
Suppression During the Third Stage of Inflammation
Suppression by Means of the Ice Bag
Suppression During the Fourth and Fifth Stages of Inflammation
The After-effects of Drug-Treated Typhoid Fever
A Change for the Better
9.  The Effects of Suppression on Venereal Diseases--The Destructive After-Effects of Mercury
10. "Suppressive" Surgical Treatment of Tonsilitis and Enlarged Adenoids
11. Cancer--Not a Local, but a Constitutional Disease
12. Woman's Suffering--The Climacteric or Change of Life
13. The Treatment of Acute Diseases by Natural Methods--The Natural Remedies--The Electro-Magnetic Effects of Cold-Water Applications
14. The True Scope of Medicine--Dr. Osler on "Medicine"--Inorganic Minerals and Mineral Poisons--The Efficiency of the Small Dose--
Homeopathy a Complement of Nature Cure
16. Homeopathy--The Personal Responsibility of the Cell

     A Reply to My Critics
      Nature Cure in Germany
      Nature Cure in America
16. The Diphtheria Antitoxin
17. Vaccination
18. Surgery--Destruction or Cure; Which is Better--The Human Body a Unit
20. Chronic Diseases
21. Crises--Disease Crises--Healing Crises--Drugs Versus Healing Crises
22. Periodicity--The Law of Sevens
23. What About the Chronic?--It takes so long--Afraid of Cold Water--Pull the Roots--Is the Chronic to be Left to His Fate Because Allopathy 24. Says He is Incurable?--Why Nature Cure Achieves Results
25. The Treatment of Chronic Diseases--Diagnosis from the Eye--The Story of a Great Discovery
26. Vitality--Stimulation by Paralysis--Hypnotism and Obsession
27. Natural Dietetics--Mixing Fruits and Vegetables--Mixing Starches and Acid Fruits
28. Acid Diseases--The Relationship between Foods and Acid Diseases
29. Fasting--When Fasting is Indicated
30. Hydrotherapy in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases--Why We Favor COLD Water
31. Air and Light Baths--The Importance of the Skin as an Organ of Elimination
32. Correct Breathing--Rhythmical Breathing--Yogi Breathing
33. Physical Exercises
34. Manipulative Treatment--Massage--Osteopathy--Chiropractic
35. The Legitimate Scope of Mental and Metaphysical Healing
36. The Difference Between Functional and Organic Disease--The Limitations of Metaphysical Healing
37. The Two-fold Attitude of Mind and Soul
38. The Symphony of Life
39. The Three-fold Constitution of Man
40. Mental Therapeutics--Positive Affirmations
41. How Shall We Pray?
42. Scientific Relaxation and Normal Suggestion--Relaxation While Working
43. Conclusion--The Strengthening of Will-Power and Self-Control
44. Payne's Soliloquy