Henry Lindlahr MD
Natural Healers

Nature Cure: Philosophy & Practice Based on the Unity of Disease & Cure by Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

Natural Therapeutics: Practice. (Vol. 2) 
Natural Therapeutics: Dietetics. (Vol. 3) 
Natural Therapeutics: Iridiagnosis. (Vol. 4) 
Acute Diseases: Their Uniform Treatment by Natural Methods AND Mental,

"The greatest part of all chronic disease is created by the suppression of acute disease by drug poisoning." Henry Lindlahr, M.D.

"Every acute disease is the result of a purifying, healing effort of Nature." ~Henry Lindlahr, M.D.


Dr Lindlahr further states that: "The pus-like mass exuding from the Small-pox pustule contains the virus not only of Small-pox but also of scrofula, psora, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, anthrax, lumpy jaw and poisons in the animal or human being from which the virus was secured."-----H Valentine Knaggs

Lindlahr, Henry. The Practice of Natural Therapeutics, fifth edition. Chicago, Lindlahr Publishing Co., 1922.
   The practical how-to of Lindlahr's methods explained in detail. The scan of this book was generously donated by Grant Campbell, a South African currently studying Naturopathy in England who hopes to settle in Australia or New Zealand. Grant is unexperienced in this sort of work and his scan required much effort to correct (fortunately, I had a copy of the book at the bottom of my "to-be-done" stack.) It took so much effort, in fact, that I ran out of willingness to do more than correct the formatting errors and fill in several missing bits. Thus, I must assign all minor errors in copy to Grant, and ask my patrons to be especially willing to inform me of these errors, so that they may be fixed. Grant also took strong exception to Lindlahr's recommendation to drink cow's milk. His statement about that can be read here. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Lindlahr, Henry. M.D. Iridiagnosis and other Diagnostic Methods. Third Edition. Chicago: Lindlahr Publishing Co., 1919.
   Iridology means analysis of the body's condition through appearanace of the iris. The book also contains numerous interesting case histories and describes how conventional medical treatment of that era induced quality-of-life-threatening and fatal conditions. This book downloads in two ways: as html files and also as a rather large zip file containing the entire book. There are many figures and even a colour plate showing irises.
   WARNING: Lindlahr expresses racial viewpoints in this book that today are considered highly politically incorrect. A paperback edition printed several decades ago abridged this material and "sanitized" Iridagnosis. The abridgment also left out data on the nature of drug therapy of that era. This library offers the whole story. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Lindlahr, Victor H. The Natural Way to Health. New York: National Nutrition Society, 1939.
   Victor was the son of Henry Lindlahr. He was a prime assistant to his father throughout Henry's career. After Henry's death, Victor carried on the practice. This is but one of Victor's books. It is especially useful for providing insight into the character and personal/family life of the Henry Lindlahr family. Thanks are owed to a contributing member of the Soil and Health Library for suggesting this title and explaining its significance. Downloads as a PDF of 750 kb. OUT OF PRINT.