Dr Vincent Marks
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[This character appeared on the pro-MMR discussion panel after the Hear The Silence drama documentary, to shout at Dr Wakefield.  Near Fitzpatrick.]

See: Psychopathy  Yudkin, John 

Hear The Silence discussion

The Company Director: Dr Vincent Marks by Martin Walker

Founder member: Campaign Against Health Fraud

Received grants from: Eli Lilly  Cancer Research Campaign 

Quotes re Marks
Like that of many other university scientists, his road to the top of his profession has been strewn with garlands from chemical, pharmaceutical and processed food companies......Between 1985 and 1990, the Department of Biochemistry which Marks heads at Surrey University received over half a million pounds in grants from Wellcome....He is one of the most influential founder members of the Campaign Against health Fraud; his presence on MAFF and MRC committees gave him access to powerful agencies which CAHF were able to use in its attacks upon natural medicine.......At Surrey University Marks has built up the Biochemistry Department, and the Department of Nutrition, by linking up the work of his staff colleagues with lucrative grant-funding from the large food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. For his own research work, Marks is adept at choosing funding bodies and has become an influential and experienced grant receiver from many powerful sources. Over the last ten years, he has received major grants from such diverse sources as the Cancer Research Campaign, the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, the Institute of Food Research at Norwich (AFRC) and the American National Institutes of Health....Vincent Marks' ongoing links with the sugar industry have been well documented. The Company Director: Dr Vincent Marks by Martin Walker