The 'Cancer Research UK' Psychopath 1
Unhealthy Charities

[Think Monsanto or Bristol-Myers Squibb and you will get the gist of this Psychopath, plus the fact cancer has been cured dozens of times: Cancer Genocide, not to mention abusing millions of animals for no need in the Vivisection Racket.  The go to person in the UK for media Negative Qualifiers.]


Network of Evil  [See: Dr. John Yiamouyiannis.]
[Laetrile suppression] Cancer Research UK

[Propaganda re Gerson, for the record.]

Professor Peter Sasieni

Lie:  "If laetrile or amygdalin had any therapeutic benefit, drug companies would have developed it into a potential treatment long ago." --- Cancer Research UK

See: Cancer lie #1   Negative Qualifiers

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Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.   Chemotherapy