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Natural Healing

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Blood type diet

Natural Hygiene holds that the one cause of all disease is the toxic saturation at the cellular level of the bodily tissues, bloodstream, and fluids brought on by the depletion of Nerve Energy reserves through wrong living habits. This state of self-poisioning is alternately termed "Auto-Intoxication," "Toxicosis," and "Toxemia."

Elements of Hygiene which are unusual in comparison to contemporary American culture are:
1. Refutation of the concept that germs, viruses and other microorganisms are the sole, causative factors of disease
2. The belief that disease is natural and restorative process of the body which, in general, should not be suppressed.
3. The avoidance of drugs or other medicines, herbs, etc. which suppress eliminative processes.
4. Fasting as a means of providing the ideal conditions necessary for the repair of bodily damages and for the elimination of toxins.
5. Fruitarianism (i.e., a generally fruit-based diet)

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