Raw food diet and cancer
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[vid 2015 Aug] Kid Heals Stage 4 Cancer with Raw Food   In this video, I speak with Jared, who healed from Stage 4 Cancer naturally. Jared was told that he only had 6 months to live, and that was over one year ago! Chemo almost killed him, so he stopped that, went on a juice fast to heal naturally and cleared the cancer. Since he is a minor, it was difficult for him and his parents to go against the medical system’s prescription for chemo. However, since his mom had quit her job to be with her “dying” son, she no longer had medical insurance. Therefore, the hospital system finally let him go without question, because there was no money to be taken. However, they found another way to give this family grief… Check out his story here!

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Why Suffer. How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally  by Anne Wigmore Her autobiography about growing up with her homeopath grandmother in Lithuania, healing herself of gangrene as a teenager, and discovering wheatgrass juice and raw living foods as the treatment for her cancer, after the doctors gave up on her.

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Raw Food Treatment For Cancer

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It was in August, 1961, shortly after I had taken possession of The Homestead, that a dispirited looking man, with drawn features and the typical chalk-like cancer skin, was brought to me by his wife. Head drooping, he sat in an easy chair, while she explained the situation. She said that back in 1957 doctors in the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston had told them that he had leukemia. They explained he might live for a year or so through rest and very careful medical treatment. He quit work as advised, but despite that and the use of medication he had gradually failed. She went on to say that while her husband received medication during the past few years she took him to the hospital periodically for check-ups. Yesterday she had had a terrible shock. Observing her husband's weakness, the doctors had told her privately that she must prepare for the inevitable. And in some manner, her husband had caught the import and collapsed in the car on the way home.
    That night, a neighbor had given her a leaflet describing the successful use of wheatgrass and they had come to try this method. I explained that wheatgrass juice was mere nourishment, not a medicine, and could cure nothing. But it apparently helped Nature rebuild the body. I showed the woman how to grow wheatgrass, and thanking me for my gift of seed, the couple left.
    About six months later, on Tuesday, February 19th, the same car stopped in my driveway and an elderly man sprang out, ran up our front steps, and burst into the house. "You don't know me," he exclaimed with a laugh, holding out his hand. "I'm the human wreck who slumped into that chair there when my wife brought me here last fall."
    I could hardly believe it. The chalk-like skin was gone, he was pink-cheeked, spoke with vigor, and his eyes were shining. His wife had suggested he come to tell us that he had gone back to work the previous day, the first time in seven years. He told how his wife had planted the wheat seed the very afternoon they arrived home, and within a week was giving him four drinks of wheatgrass juice a day in addition to the other necessary dietary changes. On January 20th he had felt so good that they had gone down to the Beth Israel Hospital for a re-check. The doctors appeared puzzled by their findings. They conceded he looked healthy, carefully studied his old charts, and examined him with interest, but made no comment. He thanked me again and left, and on his next visit, four months later, showed continued
improvement. There seemed to be no sign of leukemia. Why Suffer. How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally  by Anne Wigmore

The node diminished, my strength returned, apparently I recovered, and felt better than I had for many years. When I had experienced good health in this manner for about a year, I tried by way of experiment (and urged to do so by Dr. Hindhede) to revert to a vegetarian diet supplemented by fifty percent of raw vegetable food. But it was no good. In three to four months I began to feel a stinging pain in the breast, in the sore-like tissue which the cancer had left where it had originally adhered to the skin. The pain increased much during the weeks that followed, and I realized that the cancer had begun to develop again.  Once more I reverted to pure, raw food, which caused the pain to subside rapidly and the fatigue to become less pronounced. But, being a doctor, I realized that I would have to use the experience I had gained to help my sick fellow creatures." Raw Food Treatment of Cancer by Kristine Nolfi

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