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Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why do they say it?

by Michael Shermer

[2008] Will Michael Shermer Debate Paul Grubach on the Holocaust? By Paul Grubach

[2001 REVIEW] In Defense of Holocaust Revisionism: A Response to Shermer and Grobman's Denying History by Paul Grubach

[2001 REVIEW by Samuel Crowell] Denying History by Paul Grubach On the whole, Denying History is simply an expansion of what Shermer offered in his previous book: various vignettes about leading revisionists, speculations as to why they believe what they believe, without the slightest thought that they might be at least partly right. Shermer, as before, deserves praise for his patient, almost didactic tone when discussing revisionists, but, also as before, he falls far short in his efforts to provide any proof of what he alleges as fact. The sole novelty of the book comes from the presentation of additional evidence for mass gassing and the existence of an extermination program. But this evidence, as usual in Holocaust histories, doesn’t really move beyond the implausibilities of the eyewitness accounts, and the supplementary detail in the end proves nothing, except, perhaps, the existence of a bomb shelter in the Mauthausen crematorium.