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[Pharmaland] "The acclaimed science writer, Simon Singh."--Ratbiter

[A new one from the Allopathy Inc stable of propaganda writing, teaming up with the master Edzard Ernst, similar to Ben Goldacre.  You can write any old rubbish from the Matrix hymn sheet and get it spread far and wide through the media, ask Richard Dawkins.]

Founded, pseudo-independent outfit: The Good Thinking Society

[2015 Dec] Coca-Cola’s spin doctor quits after emails leaked

[2009 july] Back 'cures', a brave scientist and an epic court battle: How Britain's libel laws are threatening free speech

Trick or Treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst

The intentions of the healer by Lynne McTaggart  Ernst and Singh’s usual M.O. is to combine a mismash of disparate studies into one ‘meta-analysis’ – a questionable methodology shown to have severe limitations with conventional medicine — and then to hack and slice away any studies that do not fit their own rigid criteria.  For instance, in such a review of herbal medicine, they began with 1345 peer-reviewed studies, and by the time they were done they’d rejected all but three. From these three studies, Ernst believed it possible to denounce all of herbal medicine, including Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic herbal medicine, as having ‘no convincing evidence that it is effective in any indication’ particularly ‘in light of its high potential for adverse effects’.

Singh quotes
there is no scientific evidence to support the notion of Ch'i."
[Classic.  The Matrix beliefs we are meant to swallow are the absurdity that human energy and earth energy don't exist. See:
Earth Energies & Dowsing  Human energy]

Uncle Ernst and Singh.  Let us lead you astray.[You have to admire the brass neck of Allopathy Inc propagandists.] It is time for the tricks to stop, and for the real treatments to take priority. The same scientific standards, evaluation and regulation should be applied to all types of medicine. If this doesn't happen, then homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists and many other alternative therapists will continue to prey on the most vulnerable - raiding their wallets, offering false hope and even endangering their health.

[2015 Dec] Coca-Cola’s spin doctor quits after emails leaked