Edzard Ernst (Professor of Complementary medicine)

[Masterstroke to have a pharma shill as a professor of complementary medicine, but that says it all about the term complementary.]

See: Psychopathy  Terminology, Experts  pharma shill

[2007 Shows how Ernst is protected] 'Meddling' Prince nearly cost health don (Ernst) his job 

[Dec 2006] PROF. EDZARD ERNST: Who's confused about alternative medicine?/UK Anti-Comp Med Campaign given another stab by Prof Ernst

[March 10, 2002 Professor savages homeopathy

[2008 Book] Trick or Treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst

Complementary medicine: Allopathic approved term for alternative medicine that will work with Allopathy without rocking the Allopathic boat.  You can see the game, here Allopath Midgley has made a page to him:

Edzard Ernst - one of _my_ biographical pages on notable people. If I were to call him "the most notable scholar of complementary medicine of the 20th and 21st centuries" would you feel that was overdone? Midgley 17:56, 21 April 2006 (UTC)

[Letter by Clifford Miller Oct 2007] Re: Herb cures that 'do you more harm than good'

Pharma shill gets his reward from Pharma front outfit--Healthwatch/Campaign Against Health Fraud--in reality the campaign against non-Pharma medicine.
Ross, Nick