Thimerosal litigation
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Thimerosol litigation

Thimerosol litigation:
[May 2002 Canada] Class-action suit seeks justice for thousands of children left autistic by mercury-laced vaccines
[Media May 2002] Ferraro & Associates File Suit Against Pharmaceutical Companies Citing Vaccines Contained Mercury
[Media Sept 2001] Families of Autistic Children Sue Vaccine Manufacturers Over Alleged Mercury Poisoning
[July 11, 2001] Major Pharmaceutical Companies Sued in Oregon Courts (mercury in vaccines)
Press release July 7, 2001--Generation of Toxic Mercury Overdose Babies Turn to the Courts for Protection and Relief
[March 2001]

Eli Lilly shielded from thimerosol litigation:
[Media Nov 2002]
Homeland Security Act inoculates drug makers against autism lawsuits.
[Media Nov 2002] Lilly wins shield from autism suits

Media stories:
[Media Nov 2002] US Government Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records
[Media May 2002] Agency issues precautionary advice on eating shark, swordfish and marlin
[Media, June 20, 2002] Congressman questions officials at Thimerosal hearings
[Media, 20 may, 2002] Vaccine preservative's effects may have been known
[Media UK, June 16, 2002] Brain damage in children ‘is caused by jab mercury’
[Media july 2001] Fears raised over preservative in vaccines