Three Wise Monkeys

The Secret Occult Meaning of the “Three Wise Monkeys”—Hidden by the Elite  Seeing violence causes us to act more violently. Similarly, when we “See Evil” we internalize it. And when we internalize evil, it becomes a part of us, which means eventually the evil needs to find its way out. If it does not exit, the evil wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds. Thus, the ancient directive to “See No Evil” is a wise maxim that seeks to protect us from evil by warning us not to “see” it in the first place.
    The next phrase, “Hear No Evil,” rests on the same principle. When we hear evil, it becomes part of us. Our body absorbs it like a sponge. Again, it’s like ingesting rotten food; the body can’t hold it, and it needs to come out.  “Speak No Evil” is a bit different. Seeing and hearing are two of our five senses (along with touching, tasting, and smelling). But speaking is not a sense. Seeing and hearing both involve taking something into our body, while speaking involves pushing something out. So the tenet “Speak No Evil” differs from the other two. In a sense, it can be seen as the outcome of the other two. In other words, if you “See No Evil” and you “Hear No Evil” you will then “Speak No Evil” because you will be pure. It’s the 1 + 1 = 2 formula.