[Commenced by Young in 1877 and completed by Dr. Garth Wilkinson in 1879. See The National Anti-Vaccination League.]

Book in one document:


Book in sections:

1. Letters and Opinions of Medical Men.
2. Facts and Figures, showing that Vaccination has failed to stamp out, arrest, or mitigate Small­pox.
3 & 4. Opinions of Statesmen, Politicians, Publicists, Statisticians, and Sanitarians.
5.  Cases of Disease, Suffering, and Death reported by the Injured Families.
6.  The Vaccination Laws a Scandal to Public Honesty and Religion.
7Vaccination a sign of the Decay of the Political and Medical Conscience in the Country.
8.  The Propagation of Syphilis to Infants and Adults by Vaccination and Re-vaccination.
9. Vaccination evil in its  Principles, false in its Reasons, and deadly in its Results.
10. Vaccination subverts Dentition, and is a cause of the prevalent Deformity and Decay of the Teeth.
11. Compulsory Vaccination a Desecration of Law, a Breaker of Homes, and Persecutor of the Poor.
12Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART I.—The Imposture of the current Smallpox Lymph called Vaccine, and the new Imposture of Calf-Lymph.   Also, the Chaos of Statute Law dealing with Vaccine Substance.
13Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART II.—The Cry of the People against Vaccination is seconded by the Registrar-General's Returns, and justified by the Evidence of Pathology.
14Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART III.—Pro Aris et Focis. The Religious Nature and Political Necessity of the Vaccination War.