Sir Thomas Watson abandons Vaccination
    The Medical Case for a New Trial.
    Smallpox speaks
    A New Juggle proposed by the Doctors 

The Unknown Calf that is none the Worse
    Dr. Constantine Bering abjures Vaccination
    P. A. Taylor, M. P., abandons Compulsory Vaccination
   The Dublin Local Government Board denounces Variolous Vaccination
Sir James Paget on the Permanent Poisonous Effects of Vaccine or Variolous Infection
Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Symptoms of Vaccination-Poisoning
    Vaccination as Disease, as Carriers of Diseases and as Prooker of Diseases
    Our Persecutors.  Our Martyrs
   The Supreme Scientific Light and Liberty of Conscience

1. Letters and Opinions of Medical Men.
2. Facts and Figures, showing that Vaccination has failed to stamp out, arrest, or mitigate Small­pox.
3 & 4. Opinions of Statesmen, Politicians, Publicists, Statisticians, and Sanitarians.
5.  Cases of Disease, Suffering, and Death reported by the Injured Families.
6.  The Vaccination Laws a Scandal to Public Honesty and Religion.
7Vaccination a sign of the Decay of the Political and Medical Conscience in the Country.
8.  The Propagation of Syphilis to Infants and Adults by Vaccination and Re-vaccination.
9. Vaccination evil in its  Principles, false in its Reasons, and deadly in its Results.
10. Vaccination subverts Dentition, and is a cause of the prevalent Deformity and Decay of the Teeth.
11. Compulsory Vaccination a Desecration of Law, a Breaker of Homes, and Persecutor of the Poor.
12Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART I.—The Imposture of the current Smallpox Lymph called Vaccine, and the new Imposture of Calf-Lymph.   Also, the Chaos of Statute Law dealing with Vaccine Substance.
13Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART II.—The Cry of the People against Vaccination is seconded by the Registrar-General's Returns, and justified by the Evidence of Pathology.
14Historical and Critical Summary in Three Parts.
PART III.—Pro Aris et Focis. The Religious Nature and Political Necessity of the Vaccination War.



These vaccination tracts were undertaken to gather up the heads of a considerable literature on Vaccination, scattered in pamphlets, newspapers, and other periodicals, and often perishing by reason of its ephemeral form. It was felt that in the contest against Vaccination, and in the shorter contest against Compulsory Vaccination, valuable facts and reasons were lost for want of an enduring record ; and to prevent this waste of resources was the primary object of the following series.

On looking over the materials which have supplied our pages, including the latest contributions to Vaccination literature, scarcely anything of importance bearing upon the question seems to have been omitted in the present survey.

Sir Thomas Watson abandons Vaccination.

Our adversaries have laid down their arms on some of the main points in dispute; although they have maintained the national, characteristic, of not knowing when they are beaten. Conspicuous in this glory of victorious defeat stands the venerable Sir Thomas Watson, Bart, who, disarmed on the field, and without one available lancet of the old kind in his pocket-case, brandishes the vaccinating lancets of the future as if they were bodily weapons of the same substance as those which carried the prestige and were surmounted by the parliamentary flag of him who is still called for a time the "immortal Jenner."

Faithful to our business of Recorders, we here cite some things which Sir Thomas Watson says in big very simple article on "Smallpox and Compulsory Vaccination" in the Nineteenth Century for June 1878 :—

"The whole human race ... is indebted to Dr. Jennet's happy discovery and acute researches for an unspeakable boon and blessing. . . Where vaccination is, there the contagion of smallpox need never come. . . . The early vaccination of children should be made, by force of law, compulsory upon their parents or guardians.

"But upon this fair and priceless charter of safety to humanity there has fallen an ugly blot.  On the first introduction of vaccination it was alleged, among other futile and absurd grounds, that it was unnatural and even impious to engraft upon a Christian the diseases of a brute. It is too certain, however, that one objection really formidable does exist—that the operation may, in some few instances, impart to the subject of it the poison of a hateful and. destructive disease, peculiar to the human species, and the fruit and Nemesis of its vices. Probably this disaster might be averted if, in vaccinating, care were scrupulously taken to insert nothing but the pure lymph of the vaccine vesicle, to prevent the blood or any of the elements of the blood of the child from whom the lymph is taken from mingling with it; but unhappily we cannot count upon this scrupulous care being always exercised.

"On this distasteful subject I shall simply appeal to the printed testimony of Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson, than whom we have not among us a more able and accom­plished pathologist. Such facts as he has demonstrated constitute the only rational excuse foe objecting to compulsory vaccination.

"I can readily sympathise with, and even applaud, a father who, with the presumed dread or misgiving in his mind, is willing to submit, to multiplied judicial penalties rather than expose his child to the risk of an infection so ghastly.

"It is chiefly in the hope of suggesting a deliverance from this opprobrium to our nation, and perhaps also from the rhetoric with which our House of Commons is annually vexed on the subject of compulsory vaccination, that I have undertaken the present essay."

Considering that the rhetoric alluded to has reason in it, Sir Thomas Watson must be grateful to that rhetoric hitherto for pleading the same cause which he now espouses so ardently; namely, the abolition of the whole present matter and system of what is practised as Jennerian Vaccination. When that abolition, which he is helping, is accomplished, the annual rhetoric ceases as a matter of course.

The Medical Case for a New Trial.

But how does the case stand? The medical corpora­tion, of which Sir Thomas Watson is a representative man, has held for a generation that no danger of the propagation of the venereal disease lay in vaccination. The anti-vaccinators during the same period affirmed, from facts, that the danger existed, and that venereal infection was not infrequent. A time comes when Sir Thomas, and the medical corporation, are converted to the views of the anti-vaccinators, and confess that venereal infection is an "ugly blot" upon the fair fame of vaccination. And what position do the doctors now occupy as authorities, and promoters of future practice and legislation, in the case? They are the last men to learn the truth, and have struggled against that truth with obdurate minds. Are they now the people in anything they propose to be the saviours of vaccination?

It is no wild prophecy to affirm, that the discovery that the vaccine lymph carries the venereal disease about in the blood of the human family is the thick end of the wedge, and precedes by only a few years the admission by the medical corporation that all kinds of diseases and bad heredities are carried into the system by the same means: that the "ugly blot" extends from head to foot, and that vaccination is black all over with crimes against health and soundness. This is what the anti-vaccinators assert now, and have asserted all along; and disease and death, perfectly substantiated, are their witnesses. (See Tract No. V.)

Now, what likelihood is there that persons so blind for a generation or two to facts obvious enough to unlearned fathers and mothers, should see clearly the material or statistical facts or figures that belong to the relations of vaccination to smallpox? Demonstrated blindness, blindness residing in and spreading from the will, what we may call amaurosis of self-interest and self-love, especially corporate amaurosis of self-love, runs through the capacity of seeing the whole subject when such blindness pertains to one part. It is keenly infectious in the mental vision, and knows with unerring instinct every particular which it does not choose to see. The inference is strong, that the medical edifices, reasons, facts and figures about vaccination, and the good of it, are fallacies animated by fancies, and springing directly from the same source as the blindness itself. They are the children of a corrupt medical will ensconced in parliamentary security, and with no understanding at hand to correct it.

Smallpox speaks.

It would be easy to go seriatim through Sir Thomas Watson's paper, and to show that he is blind throughout; but one instance shall suffice. "Where vaccination is, there the contagion of smallpox need never come." This is what his amaurosis says. The following is the day­light of the actual world which he does not see:—

"Vaccination was made compulsory by an Act of Parlia­ment in the year 1853 and in 1867; again still more stringently in 1871. Since 1853 we have had three epidemics of smallpox, each being more severe than the one preceding.

Date.    Deaths from Smallpox.

1st.   1857-58-59     .   .           .        14,244
2nd.  1863-64-65     .  .           .        20,059
3rd.   1870-71-72     .  .           .        44,840

Increase of population from 1st to 2nd
epidemic   .       .           .                              7 per cent.

Increase of smallpox in the same period        50 per cent.

Increase of population from 2nd to 3rd
epidemic   .       .           .                              10 per cent.

Increase of smallpox in the same period      120 per cent.

Deaths from smallpox in the first ten years after the enforcement of vaccination—

                                    1854 to 1863 ....             33,515

In the second ten years—

                                    1864 to 1873                 70,458"

(See Tract No. 2.)

A New Juggle proposed by the Doctors 

"Where vaccination is, there the contagion of smallpox need never come." There is something pitiful in the words need never come: as though Sir Thomas should say, "Good, kind, dear Smallpox, spare our beloved Vaccination, the darling of our Corporations, the glory of Medicine, that in which she is Godlike! thou hast prey enough among the unvaccinated peoples; leave protected Britons alone." But Smallpox speaks in eloquent numbers, "Your Vaccination is no innocent, but my own daughter. Vaccination is me, my second self; and wherever Vaccin­ation comes, I am." (See Tract No. 12., where the parentage of nearly all the present vaccination from inoculated smallpox is fully proved.)

Sir Thomas Watson blames the present vaccination as risking the ghastly infection of the venereal disease, and speaks of it in this light as an "opprobrium to our nation:" he does this with the distinct purpose of superseding arm-to-arm vaccination entirely, and substituting for it vaccination from the calf direct.

The Unknown Calf that is none the Worse.

"A healthy and well-nourished calf," says he, "about three months old, is hired from a butcher, and vaccinated in the usual way, on its shaved abdomen, in about sixty-places. Upon the punctures thus made vesicles form, as from ordinary vaccination in the human body. These vesicles run their due course, and the vaccine virus which they contain is ripe and fit for use about the fifth or sixth day of that course—for use, namely, from the living animal in direct vaccination, and for collection in a fluid state into tubes, or in a dry state on ivory points, for the purpose of vaccination which is indirect. After seven days the calf is returned to the butcher, none the worse for what has happened."

This proceeding is orthodox medicine in the nineteenth century. The intelligence of that medicine is signalized in the assertion that the calf, returned to the butcher, is "none the worse for what has happened." But clearly it is the worse, and what has happened no physiologist can know without experience, and that experience must extend over the lifetime of the animal so treated, and be gathered from many cases. "None the worse " is a light phrase, and reminds the reader of the time not many years since when all children were said to be "none the worse" for vaccination, because observation had not then authoritatively connected the venereal disease with the process. In the case of the calf, however, the physiologist hands it over to the butcher for our veal; and dead calves tell no tales. (See on this subject Tract No. XII. on the New Imposture of Calf Lymph.)

Of course if the present vaccination were a "priceless boon" minus only its occasional infection with the venereal disease, there would be ground for seeking a successor to it, now that the great orthodox authorities wish to have it dead and buried; but inasmuch as vacci­nation, for its avowed object, is a demonstrated failure from every point of view, the British people, to whom we appeal, must continue their efforts to destroy any and every similar process, and to coerce the State to forbid blood-poisoning for the future.

Dr. Constantine Bering abjures Vaccination.

Almost simultaneously with Sir Thomas Watson's denunciation of the current vaccination, Dr. Constantine Hering, the Father of the Homoeopathic School of America, came forward in an English newspaper, and characterized all vaccination as a "poisoning of the blood." " In Jennerian vaccination," he says, "there is the production of a real contagious disease, acting by zymosis or fermentation in the blood, thus endangering the organism, and resulting only in making the system less liable to, not proof against, the disease.

"Attention must likewise be called to the possibility of inoculating other diseases, such as itch, scrofula, leprosy, phthisis, syphilis, etc., and thus producing a complication of trouble difficult to be overcome.

"While the progress of our school has led us to a much more certain preventive, and also to an easy and certain and safe cure, the old school lost sight of Jenner altogether, and entirely forgot that the cows had also other diseases of the udder; and they lost sight of the only true origin of the true preventive cowpox, according to Jenner, and later Schonlein, in a peculiar disease of the horse's feet, generally mistaken, and one not known to any of the vaccinating doctors. They went on vaccinating from arm to arm; and finally by the scabs, which often con­tained rotten and putrified animal matter.

"If it had been a poisoning even with the very best real cowpox, it now became a poisoning of nearly all children with the most horrible diseases; many even were murdered, and an infinite number poisoned for life.

"And smallpox epidemics appeared under the title of varioloid. It is, no doubt, an intolerable tyranny to compel vaccination by law. We are glad to be able to quote the words of a real statesman, the Count of Zedtwitz, who writes in a popular journal on Homoeopathy : 'Whether vaccination be useful or injurious, the subject of conten­tion between men of science has very little to do with the question of compulsion. This can only be determined by the convictions of the individual, which should be as inviolable in the domain of medicine as in that of religion or politics ; and coercion in this direction, which amounts to producing an artificial disease by bodily injury, can indeed be called nothing less than tyranny.'"—From a letter of Dr. Constantine Hering on Vaccination, published by W. Young.

We have then, in Sir Thomas Watson and Dr. Constantine Hering, heads of the two leading schools of medicine, who aid and abet our endeavours to destroy the practice of vaccination.

P. A. Taylor, M. P., abandons Compulsory Vaccination.

In counting the gains to our cause, we may also mention the distinct adhesion of Mr. P. A. Taylor, M.P., who has at length declared against compulsory vaccination. In his speech in Parliament, April 7th, 1879, he says :—

"I was a member of the Committee of 1871 which considered the subject of vaccination. Since that time my attention has been directed to the subject, in consequence of what I believe to be the injustice and the impropriety of compulsory vaccination, and from the statistics and other information which I have since that time been able to obtain, my opinion has been so far modified with regard to vaccination that I could not now put my name to the report of the Committee, which at the time was unanimously agreed to. The objection I have is to compulsory vaccination; my hon. friends round me, and my hon. friend the member for the county of Galway (Mr. Mitchell Henry), boast of the enthusiastic adherence of the Irish people to vaccination. The obvious answer to that boast seems to me to be, that if they so willingly accept it there is no need for pressing upon them this terrible compulsion—for terrible it is to those who object to it.

" In my opinion every element which could justify the compulsory enforcement of vaccination, and could justify the State in standing between parents and the health of their children, is wanting in the present con­dition of the science and the statistics of vaccination. At one time and another there has been a good deal of opinion expressed in this House as to the views of the anti-vaccination party, and much expression of disgust at their views, and repudiation of their conduct in opposing the vaccination of their children. They have been talked of as prejudiced fools, as traders in disease, and as mere obstinate wrong-headed persons standing be­tween the self-evident good and advantage of their children and the benevolence of the State. Perhaps I may be allowed to say that that seems to be an altogether wrong way of putting it. We cannot express the general opinion on the question of vaccination with­out taking into consideration what is undoubtedly the fact, that there does exist in the country a great amount of honest opposition to the principle of vaccination. I have seen dozens and scores of persons who tell me that they honestly believe that their children had died from vaccination, and who had told me all that had happened, with every circumstance and detail. They have told me how they took perfectly healthy children to be vaccinated, how an incision was made in the arm, how in the course of a few days a sore appeared there, how it spread on the arm, and from thence all over the body, and how, finally, the children died in agony. Now they are wrong in their opinions, if you please, but they would be utterly heartless and unfeeling if, holding the opinion that vaccination is dangerous, they were to suffer their children to undergo vaccination. I maintain that all the elements justifying compulsion on the part of the State are wanting in this instance of vaccination. In the first place, there is not that certainty in the results which was boasted of by Jenner, and believed in as the fact at that time. During his lifetime vaccination was believed to be an absolute cure and specific for smallpox. It was said that children who had been vaccinated were subse­quently inoculated, or attempted to be inoculated, with smallpox, and that the attempt entirely failed, thus proving the excellence of vaccination. But if that was true then, it is most clearly not true now, for whenever there is an epidemic of smallpox scores and hundreds of children die of smallpox, and are acknowledged to have died of smallpox, who had previously been vaccinated. It must be remembered also that the figures put before us by the Government are utterly unreliable, unreliable partly because it is acknowledged by medical men to be impossible when children have died of smallpox to tell afterwards whether they have been vaccinated or not, and unreliable also because it is a principle with medical men not to return children who have died from the effects of vaccination as having so died. It has been stated by medical men that they do not like to cast a slur upon the system, and therefore they do not return deaths by vaccination, even where they do occur. There was a case at Leeds the other day where the child died from vaccination, and the surgeon inserted that as the cause of death in his certifi­cate. But the coroner, who was also a medical man, was one of those who did not like to cast a slur upon the system, and opposed that course. He said vaccination was not a death known to the law, and accordingly the child was returned as having died from another cause. In fact, the poor child had committed a legal offence in venturing to die under such circumstances. Then, again, since vaccination has been made absolutely compulsory in this country, deaths of smallpox had actually increased. (Hear, hear.) Since the year 1853 there had been an increase in the percentage of deaths. Then there is Germany, the best vaccinated country in the world. There the deaths from smallpox in the last epidemic were something frightful. All these are ample evidences to show that there is ground for the presumption, and for the doubt, whether it is wise to vaccinate their children. Far more than this, it is no longer held that it is absolutely safe to vaccinate children, as was stated to us when the Committee sat in 1871.    During the first part of the time that the Committee  sat the doctors who were called before us declared it to be impossible that syphilis and other diseases could be communicated by inoculation,   while  it was actually  proved   to demonstration before we finished our sittings that thirteen cases of syphilis had arisen from one case of vaccination alone.   (Hear, hear.) Indeed, that fact is now notorious all over Europe.    Not so very long ago  that famous  physician, Dr.  Ricord, declared  that  if it could be  shown  in  any one case that syphilis was the result of vaccination, vaccination must cease to be practised, because it would be perfectly impossible to make sure that the child from whom the lymph was taken was safe.    I do not think it is going too far to say that where there is risk on the one hand, and this chance of syphilis and other horrible diseases on the other, it is abominable tyranny for the State to step in, to stand between the parent and the child, and to say that the child shall incur the risk of syphilis rather than incur the risk of catching smallpox.    Then at the very least the State is in this dilemma.    Either vaccination is a certain prophylactic, and then you don't need com­pulsion, because those only run a risk who neglect the operation, or it is not at all certain, and then you have no right to enforce it on parents."

The Dublin Local Government Board denounces Variolous Vaccination.

In Tract No. 12., which treats of the sources of the present supply of lymph, documentary evidence was given that nearly all the lymph now in use is smallpox matter, first inoculated from human smallpox into the cow, and then taken from the cow under the name of vaccine, the inoculation law being broken in presumably every case of vaccination.

The Local Government Board of Dublin, selecting a case in which it was proposed to raise a fresh stock of lymph by inoculation of a calf, has made an important declaration on this subject; a declaration which ought to condemn all the lymph at present in use to immediate withdrawal. We quote the case at length from the National Anti-compulsory Vaccination Reporter:—

"An important letter appeared from the Local Government Board, and was read at the Board of Guardians here to-day, relative to the vaccination of calves for pro­curing lymph. At the last meeting of the Guardians a medical gentleman suggested to the Board the advisa­bility of procuring a calf in order to have it inocu­lated for the supply of lymph. The suggestion was unanimously approved of by the Board, and a calf ordered to be procured; . . . one of the Guardians offered a calf for the purpose, which was accepted. On the minutes going before the Local Government Board, they dissented from the medical opinion, and to-day the following letter was read at a very large meeting of the Board :—

"'Local government board, Dublin, 10th Feb. 1879.

" ' The Local Government Board of Ireland acknowledge the receipt of minutes of proceedings of the Board of Guardians of the Galway Union on the 7th inst, from which it appears that a suggestion was made by a member of the Board that a healthy calf be procured for inoculation, in order that a full supply of lymph be obtained for the Union; and another member having intimated his willingness to give a calf for the purpose, the Guardians passed a resolution accepting this offer, and directing the medical officers to see the animal inoculated. In reference thereto, the Local Government Board desire to observe that it is not clear from this resolution whether the proposal is to inoculate the calf with small­pox virus, or with vaccine lymph obtained from a human subject; but in neither case can the Local Government Board approve of the resolution adopted by the Guardians. Smallpox virus taken from a calf would communicate that disease to a human subject, and be thereby a fertile source of propagating the disease, and would moreover render the operator liable to prosecution under the fourth section of the 31 and 32 Viet. cap. 87. If the proposition were to vaccinate a calf with lymph obtained from a human subject, the Board have to state it has long since been ascertained that the animal lymph for vaccination purposes must, in the first instance, be obtained from a cow in which the disease has spontaneously arisen, and that vaccination performed with lymph taken from a cow which had been vaccinated with human lymph is not reliable. The Local Government Board therefore lose no time in cautioning the medical officers against either of the practices referred to, as the Guardians, no doubt, acted in ignorance of the consequences when they passed the resolution directing their medical officers to act on the suggestion made.—By order of the Board, "'B. Banks, Secretary.'

Daily Express, Feb. 15th.

"Probably nothing issued from official sources in late years is calculated to deal a more fatal blow at the whole system than this distinct repudiation on the part of the Government, of the 'lymph' with which the public health has been ruined for so long. Surely, now that the tardy confession has been made, that matter procured in the identical way in which Ceely and Badcock admittedly procured it for the Government—viz. by inoculating a calf or cow with smallpox virus—would 'become a fertile source of propagating the disease’ of smallpox, we might look for an immediate order to have the circulation of all the matter in daily use by the public vaccinators peremptorily recalled.

"Nothing less than the immediate withdrawal of all the vaccine—so called—now in use will suffice to exempt the Government from the direct and just charge of wilfully allowing the smallpox to be given wholesale to the people in order to save a humiliation to the medical profession."—From the Galway Correspondent of the Dublin Daily Express, communicated by Fras. Davis, jun., Enniscorthy, Feb. 20, 1879.

It is fair to expect that the action of the Dublin Local Government Board will be followed up by similar action of the Local Government Board of London; which will have the effect, not only of placing a ban upon the whole of the vaccination lymph now in use, confessedly got, as it is, by inoculating cows with smallpox and then communicating smallpox virus called vaccine from human arm to arm;—but also of putting into severe inquisition the pretended calf-lymph of Dr. Wyld and his coad­jutors; and of stopping their process until each calf which they inoculate is proved to have matter of the lineage of spontaneous cowpox; say rather, until every such calf is proved to have spontaneous cowpox. Each point or lancet also issued by these vitulators must have a Local Government Board in-vaccinetur upon it, stamped during its taking from the legalized calf. This follows in consistency from the action of the Dublin Board. A permanent commission sitting in every calf-place, and inspecting every act and particular of lymph-taking, is the means which meets the case.

Sir James Paget on the Permanent Poisonous Effects of Vaccine or Variolous Infection.

 The history of medicine, rife in delusions, which compress each other in grotesque succession from the earliest ages to the present time, supplies no instance comparable to the absurdity of vaccination. In many ways medicine has been growing towards common sense, but into this inveterate and now political question all the stupidity, blindness, and recklessness of the medical ages seem to be gathered. Of this our Tracts treat abundantly; but a final word about it is in place here.

What can the medical mind be thinking of when it loses recollection of the plain physiological fact, that to vaccinate the whole of Great Britain, so as powerfully to impress with a force ever present against smallpox (so the medical view is) the bodies of us all, is to alter us materially, and to sow the seeds of future crises in the human frame. Sir James Paget, Surgeon Extraordinary to Her Majesty, says:—

"The progress of the vaccine or variolous infection of the blood shows us that a permanent morbid condition of that fluid is established by the action of these specific poisons on it; and although this condition may, so far at least as it protects the individual from any further attack of the same disease, be regarded as exercising a beneficial influence upon the economy, yet it is not the less to be looked upon as a morbid state. In forming an estimate of the persistent changes produced in the blood by this and similar infectious diseases, we must not lose sight of the influence which the tissues, themselves altered by the inoculation, exercise upon the blood; they will necessarily react upon it, so as to assist materially in preserving a permanent morbid (though beneficial) condition."—Lectures on Inflammation, 1863.

Now what an amazing and almost incredible thing it is that with this fact perceived by physiologists there should not be a long outlook for the harvests of disease of which this vaccination is the sowing. A new morbid life is given to the whole frame,—if you like, a morbid life powerful in its relation to smallpox; but is it possible that that morbid life should not of itself, whatever else it does, evolve morbid states? And as the whole body is constitutionally tainted by it, must not a wise pathology look all through the lives of the vaccinated for the regular and orderly consequences of this impressed force. The conservation of forces is true of the human body. An infinitesimal of venereal pus will reach its really bony fingers from the first chancre on a young man to the destroyed throat and nose of his middle age, and to the chancred bones of his head and limbs in his old age: it will come out in his fatuous and leering mind as his physical ruin works on. You do not pronounce him free in a week or a month when his chancre is cured; you know that he may be a blasted man in a long succession of years. And the same is true, and must be true, of the vaccine canker as of the syphilitic chancre. All the records of vaccine diseases, however stoutly denied and carefully suppressed, show that it is so; and reason and physiology cannot but attest the evidence of the people and the wail of the diseased.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Symptoms of Vaccination-Poisoning

Vaccine disease, vaccine blood-poisoning, like venereal disease, may be regarded in three stages. First, there is the infection of the baby with the poisoned lancet. This infection runs its course for a few weeks, showing the primary symptoms of the poison. Before the wounds on the little child have healed the secondary symptoms in those who are susceptible of them often appear. But as in syphilis, so in vaccinia, not all are susceptible of secondary symptoms, or the human race would crumble under either of the taints. These secondary symptoms consist in the extension of the poison to the lymphatic system, in swellings and hardenings of the limbs, and in transference of the disease to the internal mesenteric and other glands in the vital parts. The cankered body like a viper secretes poison, and pours it from part to part. Every  viscus  is  stung, and it  is  merciful  if life  soon succumbs  to  the  destroying  power.    If this state is survived the poison works for years through the impaired and weakened constitution.    Every ordinary disease has a fresh chance of slaying in consequence of the vitiation of the system:  notably, whooping cough, measles, scarlatina, all the early diseases of childhood :  so that the death-rate of these is to be considered in regard to vaccination.    The tertiary symptoms of vaccine, like those of venereal, are facts of inference ; for it is an inference, not a sensible fact, that the bone-destructions, tumours, and  diseases  of venereal old age belong to syphilis, though the inference is also an assured fact.    Just in the same way, to the student of vaccinia, the notable incre­ment of scrofula, phthisis, cancer, madness, etc., etc., keeping steadily answerable pace with the increment of vaccination, alleges these diseases in that increment to be commixed with the tertiary symptoms and products of that process; if indeed they are not often its direct fruits.

This subject has yet to be studied; for the medical profession is almost blind to the facts, and is averse to the  study;  because political vaccination, endowed and; established, and become a strong limb in the hundred handed love of power, allows of no light or truth on the part of the official vaccinators, who are the medical profession. A few heads may be indicated to exceptional medical men and to the general public.

Vaccination as Disease, as Carriers of Diseases and as Prooker of Diseases

1st Vaccination, as a morbid spring, swelling into a morbid river, may be regarded pure and simple. We have already indicated its primary and secondary symptoms. Its pure tertiary symptoms remain to be worked out; for at present they are complicated with and confused by the symptoms of the diseases of our next groups.

2nd. Vaccination with the other diseases of which it is the carrier. These are smallpox, syphilis, cancer, phthisis, and constitutional diseases generally.

3rd. Vaccination as the arouser and provoker of all the latent diseases and taints of the vaccinated subject.

4th. Where Vaccination is smallpox inoculation, as is now generally the case, the subject involves the history of a new disease, constitutional smallpox, which itself is continually infectious, producing apparently slight varioloid complaints very widely, and also lending itself as a matrix for terrible and increasing visitations when small­pox is pfevalent.

If syphilis had been made into a benign disease by Act of Parliament, and its infection had been commanded, which it might have been, for syphilization has been a medical practice; and if the infectors had been officialized and paid a million a year for their business, the primary symptoms  of syphilis would have been the only ones admitted by the officials; the secondary symptoms, and still more the remote tertiary symptoms, would have been denied  to have any connection with the parliamentary punctures.    This denial could have been made; for as was said before, the connection between the tertiary and primary symptoms, though now a well-known fact, was at first an inference;  and that inference denied, the facts could not have been deposited upon it so as to form a mental  substance of certainty.    This very process has gone on with vaccination; and the consequence is that all its symptoms but the primary ones have been ignored, and the medical soul sleeps soundly in the middle of the ruin it has made.

To show what  dangerous poisons we are handling when by vaccination we introduce smallpox, and by vitulation (calf-lymphing) cowpox into the system, it may be mentioned that the cattle plague or rinderpest "belongs unquestionably to the same class of diseases as the human exanthemata, such as variola (smallpox), scarlatina, and rubeola" (measles).  That "smallpox is the human malady which it most closely resembles."   That the resemblance between rinderpest and smallpox is sufficiently striking to demand immediate inquiry."   From accidental inoculation on the back of the hand during the examination of a bullock dead of cattle plague, Mr. Henry. Hancock, Veterinary Inspector, Uxbridge, contracted vesicles similar to vaccine, and went through a sharp attack of a varioloid disease exhibiting both the primary and the secondary symptoms of vaccination. Those eminent men, Mr. Ceely and Dr. Murchison, are our authorities here. The facts serve to show what forces we play with when we put vaccination-smallpox, or any disease ever so remotely resembling it, into the blood of human beings.

Our Persecutors.  Our Martyrs.

Considering the circumstances brought before the reader in these pages—the condemnation of the whole present system of vaccination by eminent medical men, the recommendation of Sir Thomas Watson that parents should submit to prison rather than run the risk of submitting their children to vaccination, the willingness of nearly the whole profession to abandon the process as unreliable, and to resort to something else not sanctioned by law to escape the evils of the present system—it is wonderful that persecution in favour of the condemned system still goes on with magisterial power.    Fine and imprisonment are the iron legs on which vaccination stalks, for it has no other leg to stand on. This fine and imprisonment are in themselves chaotic; for the fines vary from sixpence in one court to twenty shillings in another; and the imprisonment varies from simple confinement to cropped hair and hard labour.    It is surprising.   For it is a mark of the hardness of heart and dulness of mind of the scientific nineteenth century; the epoch of legalized vivisectors, legalized vaccinators, and legalized purveyors of clean prostitutes for the vaccinated services which defend the United Kingdom from domestic disorder and foreign foes.    These things are the ministries of health which Parliament and Government provide for us; and the dissenters from these things are persecuted to ruin by magistrates clerical and lay—especially clerical—though the light of knowledge in favour of such dissenters is now accessible to the whole people.

To the martyrs themselves we can only say, Be of good cheer, and endure to the end.  The brand that afflicts you "is lighting a candle in England," as a fellow martyr said to Brother Latimer at the stake, and "that candle, by God's grace, will not be put out;” but its light will shine down into the darkest and cruellest places of medical despotism, until people are their own masters for their bodies and their children, just as the other greater candle under God's Providence showed them "the Way and the Truth" for the emancipation of their souls and minds.

The Supreme Scientific Light and Liberty of Conscience

It only remains to be said as a general deduction and lesson from the foregoing facts, that in the rectitude of the public information about vaccination and its laws, and in the fallibility and unsteadiness of the medical profession, all and sundry persons can find an assured reason to judge the case for themselves without paying heed to the vaccinating doctors. The matter of first certainty is, that the moral sense of mankind is from the beginning outraged by the poisoning of blood to ensure health. That is the rock of ages on which anti-vacci­nation stands. The second certainty is that outward facts confirm this central position, and carry the war against vaccination into all the pretences and subterfuges of medical men. But the moral sense comes first, and gives every man a right, as a good subject and citizen, to refuse to obey legislation which is a crime against God and man.

Abide above all in this moral sense, which is the organ of conscience and the defence of religion under every difficulty. It will produce a Reformation in Medicine, even as the conscience with God speaking in it, and God's Word instructing it, has already produced that Reformation to which we owe all we enjoy of civil and religious liberty. That civil and religious liberty requires continual completion and realization, as new ages make claim upon it, and new dangers from the powers of darkness assail it. For our homes and our children, for our parental love, liberty is an empty phrase, a skin with no safe heart inside it, so long as any profession under licence of Parliament can violate the feelings and consciences of parents and the bodies of children, and be upheld by force in the violation.    It is 350 years since our English New Testament, our soul's health,  and  men  and  women  who  held  by it,   were burnt by English Bishops and Archbishops as a noisome pestilence infecting the human mind.    At this day our national bodily health, the very testament of our bodies, the clean tablet of successive childhoods, is branded by a vaccinating Parliament as a nuisance and also as a pest.    The time has come for the people to stop this burning also, for they alone can do it, and it is their burning sin while it endures.