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Investigative writer Martin J. Walker states: “ I was asked to write the HRT: Licensed to Kill and Maim book by Maggie Tuttle who set up an organisation called the Menopausal Help Line (MHL) in London, in 1996. Maggie, who herself had a bad experience with HRT, wanted more than anything to give a voice to the thousands of women with whom she had come into contact who had also been damaged.” Before Maggie folded the Menopausal Helpline, she had received over 10,000 letters.

The Menopausal Helpline Limited

A voluntary organisation for women’s well being.

The Helpline, this is a voluntary organisation founded by Maggie Tuttle after she suffered a series of serious side effects from Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Maggie set up the Helpline after she realised that there were many other women with similar problems and no organisation which could listen and offer help. The impact was extraordinary. To date over 10,900 women have contacted her by letter or phone, desperate for someone with whom they can share their problems. She continues to receive calls and letters daily from women throughout the UK and elsewhere.

We are, perhaps the only menopausal helpline that is not funded by any pharmaceutical companies and we can hear the relief in women's voices when they find that they can talk freely about the problems they have had after taking these drugs. There is very little scientific evidence to prove that these drugs are of benefit to the heart, osteoporosis or anything else while the negative effect of synthetic progestogens have been withheld from the public for years. Even at the last International Conference in Florence in 1998, they bad to admit there was a lack of evidence and the fact that the long term effect of these drugs is UNKNOWN.

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The Menopausal Helpline Limited is supported by M.R.1S. (Menopausal Research and Information Service). a charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered with the Charity Commission under no 1069084

Maggie Tuttle writes to One Click
Menopausal Help Line on the side effects of HRT

Regarding ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other chronic nervous diseases, as I have told you, I have so much research and a lot of leads came from the women calling the help line, then I or others would research it.

A lady who was a nurse in Liverpool and had been on HRT was also very poorly, but she was very aware that, as she said, something was going down in the mortuary with the autopsies, so she got her self transferred to the mortuary. On every form filled in on the autopsy reports, the pathologist had to check every dead person for their oestrogen levels and had to tick a box on the left side of the form which was for oestrogen levels.

So I and others started to research via the women on the database. I also spoke to many neurologists here in the UK and America. Oestrogen from the pill, HRT or any form of hormones prescribed, or from the chemicals en masse in the environment which mimic oestrogens, what happens is that oestrogens in the body go directly to the central nervous system which is the spine, which goes directly through to the brain, so when I linked from the database why so many women had all sorts of nervous problems to include severe headaches, tiredness, muscle pain, body shaking, legs only shaking, depression was reported big time. Suicide, memory loss, black outs, unable to walk or move at times including Narcolepsy, which is what I also use to have and is very frightening, Parkinson's Disease burning in the body and many other nervous disorders.

After listening to Dr Robert Aronowitz, a physician and Historian, of the medical university of Pennsylvania, he commented that when oestrogens entered the central nervous system, they also attacked the nerve endings which in turn attack the muscles. Then we have the problem as I have stated above, and this does make sense.

When I personally questioned the women, and remember I have questioned thousands of women via the help line, I also questioned women who are prescribed the pill which is in the same form as HRT. All hormones are a form of steroids which deplete the body of the calcium, and that is why we have amongst women so much osteoporosis.

Then we go to the letter from the F.D.A in America and Martin Walker has also stated in the book HRT: Licensed to Kill and Maim, that all oestrogens are carcinogenic, so why are young girls and women prescribed oestrogens, when they all know oestrogens causes cancer?

I have also questioned many gay guys who have been prescribed hormones, they also have many of the same problems as we women. So if we go back to why in the present day in the autopsy reports, are they checking for oestrogens? They know from countless research from around the world that oestrogens are playing havoc on the body, including myself. So many of the women prescribed the pill and HRT are diagnosed with M.E, MS and chronic disorders.

My research is vast, even to the children born to mothers who had been on the pill, These babies are born with deformities, one being genital defects, and this organisation I also researched into. Is this why all mothers are being questioned as to the behaviour of children, and many children are hyperactive?

A Professor Baum here in London publicly stated when he was asked to comment on babies born with defects. He said that it was either the contraception pill or something that is in the environment that was not there 40 years ago. Yes the chemicals used on the food we eat are mimicking oestrogens. Again I spoke to a professor Sweating at the water board, his exact words were, it is not the women's hormones that go down the loo it is the chemicals used 6/7 times to try and purify the water, the chemicals mimic oestrogens not women's pee. Beer is made from water he also said, so I also researched in that field and found that the borough of Islington had also researched into why so many men were growing busts.

I have offered all the research that I have to governments, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and so on, but we are ignored. Cancer amongst women is a huge problem globally. If we go back in time to the 60s we had cancer, yes, but not on an enormous scale like it is today. And just look around the world at the amount of cancer charities, organisations for cancer, research into cancer - it is never ending. So why from the 60s to the present day is there so much cancer in women and children? The answer is very clear: oestrogens. But look at the billions of Dollars lost if all of this was made public. Remember a database with over 11.000 women all having been questioned and sent a form to fill in. Here lies the truth.

Maggie Tuttle

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Maggie Tuttle is a life time campaigner, speaking out for women in difficulties. For ten years she has helped women suffering adverse reactions to HRT, standing up to pharmaceutical companies, company loyal doctors and sometimes an indifferent media. Her tireless support for women affected by HRT has been at considerable cost to her self, both financially and emotionally.

Martin Walker is a campaigner and writer. HRT, Licensed to Kill and Maim is his ninth book. His other books include, with Geoff Coggan, Frightened for My Life: An account of deaths in British Prisons (1982), With Extreme Prejudice: An Investigation in Police Vigilantism in Manchester (1986) and Dirty Medicine: Science, Big Business and the assault on Natural Health Care (1993).

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