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[Martin Walker is far and away the best writer on medical politics in the UK alive today, notable for his integrity, great insight, cutting sense of humour and exhaustive, well referenced research.  Medical investigative journalism and writing at its best, something that left the media decades ago (last one 1984 DPT report, a fitting date). Dirty Medicine is a classic expose of the workings of the (up to now well hidden) medical monopoly in the UK, and his Wakefield hearing articles expose the GMC as nothing better than the kangaroo court of the drug industry/monopolists. 
    The Allopath editors, who control Wikipedia, hate his work, obviously, and on the second attempt deleted his page (ref), yet comparatively inconsequential namesakes, one a director of Hull City football club (ref) and another a reporter (ref) are granted Wiki pages!  Something to bear in mind when they conjure up fatuous excuses to delete pages they don't like.]

Martin J. Walker (born 1947) is a graphic designer who, for the last twenty years, has authored several self-published books and articles investigating medical politics in the United Kingdom.
    His book Dirty Medicine is about British medical politics. While documenting the licensing of AZT and what he describes as an assault on alternative medicine, he also reports on various groups such as the American National Council Against Health Fraud, the American Council on Science and Health, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), and the British Campaign Against Health Fraud (CAHF).
In Dirty Medicine, Walker alleges that the techniques used by these organizations involve the character assassination of alternative medicine practitioners and researchers, manipulative planting of press stories, removal of critics from professional registers, bringing people before disciplinary boards, bogus scientific trials, and undeclared work with large corporations. According to Walker, "All these things were linked to a kind of regulatory ground clearing exercise."

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Slingshot Publications, BM Box 814, London WC1N XX



[2010 jan] Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story

[2009] Silenced Witnesses 1: The Parents' Story

[pdf book] Cultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism Ben Goldacre, Quackbusting and Corporate Science by Martin J Walker

Zero Risk by Martin J. walker

[Book] The Fate of  Good Man The Investigation, Prosecution and Trial of Jim Wright by the MHRA by Martin J Walker
The Fate of a Good Man follows the fortunes of Jim Wright, a man who thought that he could help with the health of his community by distributing and selling natural treatments for a variety of conditions. Instead of being seen as a good citizen, someone of value in the community, Jim Wright was investigated, prosecuted and tried by the Medicines and Health products Regulation Agency, a firm within the Government that is totally funded by the pharmaceutical industry and that will go to any lengths to see off the ‘competition’.





[June 2006] HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim The unheard voices of women damaged by HRT by Martin J Walker





DIRTY   MEDICINE by Martin Walker.







A Cat in Hell's Chance
tells the story of a crusade started by a political novice, which gathered momentum over ten years and became a mass movement which, after battles with Oxfordshire police, many arrests, court appearances and jailings finally shut down Hill Grove cat farm.The book written almost entirely from contributions by campaigners, tells the true story of one of the most effective campaigns in England against the breeding and sale of animals for experimentation and vivisection.

The book can be obtained from Slingshot Publications, single copies, price £10 plus postage of £2 and at £8.00 without postage charge for five or more copies. Much larger reductions - up to £5 a copy - are available for people who want to sell the book to make money for anti-vivisection or campaigning groups. For information about these offers, leaflets, order forms and news about other Slingshot books, write to Slingshot Publications, BM BOX 8314, London WCIN 3XX.



SKEWED: Psychiatric Hegemony and the manufacture of mental illness in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Gulf War Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ISBN 095196464X
is a detailed investigation into the psychiatric diagnosis of a range of illnesses which some have suggested are caused by chemicals. The book traces the chemical companies arguments against their products causing illnesses and it tracks the growth of the theory promoted by them that individuals who report symptoms of chemically induced ill health, are mentally ill.
    The central arguments in SKEWED are based upon the diagnostic history of ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The book also looks at Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Gulf War Syndrome showing how the theories of psychiatrists have managed to gain ascendancy and shape the diagnosis, research and public perception of these illnesses. The book examines the UK Chief Medical Officer's enquiry into ME and CFS which began in 1998 and concluded in 2002.



SLAUGHTER of the INNOCENT by Hans Ruesch.  
Hans Ruesch is one of the founders of the modern anti-vivisection abolitionist movement and Slaughter of the Innocent has become the seminal book of that movement. The book was greeted by both outrage and critical acclaim when it was first published in Italy and North America. In Britain, when the book was published in 1979, it was attacked not least by members of the most prominent anti-vivisection groups, which were infiltrated by medical and scientific supporters of vivisection. The book's ideas are today, however, an indelible part of the contemporary 'no compromise' movement to bring an end to vivisection, animal torture and murder in all their forms. 

Hans Ruesch has been an active campaigner against vivisection for the last thirty years, while at the same time battling against vested interests. In both its style and its content, Slaughter of the Innocent gives us a blue print for abolition. Hans Ruesch is the author of two other important anti-vivisection books, The Naked Empress and 7000 Doctors (and more) Against Vivisection.

 ORDERS: Less than ten copies, £12 per copy, plus post and packing (20% UK & 40% overseas).  Campaigning organisations can always get substantial reductions on bulk orders after negotiation with Slingshot. Shops can obtain first orders of the book at £6 per copy as long as they order 5 copies or over.

With Extreme Prejudice: a study of police vigilantism in Manchester

Frightened for my life; an account of deaths in British Prisons, with Geoff Coggan

State of Siege: politics and policing in the coalfields. The miners strike 1984, with Jim Coulter and Susan Miller


Coming in the next year from Slingshot Publications - The Gate Keepers by Martin Walker, the story of how the British State and professional medicine undermined and persecuted alternative cancer therapists in Britain, from 1850 - 2000.

Also, Towards Abolition, A Handbook of Arguments Against Vivisection by Jacqueline Shortland, a compendium of arguments for activists.

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