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“During the California (Disneyland) measles outbreak, children under four years were counted as 'unvaccinated' even if they were being vaccinated but hadn't yet received the second MMR dose. That's why they have the range cut-off at four. It's semantic trickery.  They only count them as 'vaccinated' if they've had both doses. Since the second dose is given at 4-6 years of age, vaccinated children who are between 1 year and their fourth birthday are counted as 'unvaccinated.' ”  ~  Marcella Piper-Terry


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There is good reason to doubt the accuracy of the Ministry of Health’s figures regarding "immunized" and "unimmunized." All who had had only one injection are shut out of the " immunized " class, as are also those whose injections were made less than three months or six months before the development of diphtheria. (For a long time at Birmingham it was maintained that immunity did not develop until six months after the last injection, and the general practice all over the country now is to insist on a limit of three months, and exclude from the " immunized " class all who were injected less than three months before attack.).....But in spite of all this "cooking " of the figures, the authorities have had to admit some 36,000 immunized cases of diphtheria in Great Britain in the eight years 1941-48, and 239 deaths in the " immunized."--- Lilly Loat [Book 1951] The Truth About Vaccination and Immunization


Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.

Wallace, LL.D. (1889/1898, Alfred R.

Dr. Buchwald MD

"Defenders of vaccination produce fantastic fatality rates for the "unvaccinated" in smallpox outbreaks.   Seeing that there is general agreement that 18 per cent was the average smallpox fatality rate before vaccination was introduced, those who tell of rates of 35, 50, 60 and even 100 per cent should be asked what treatment the "unvaccinated" received at the hands of modern doctors that they died at these extraordinary rates."---- Lilly Loat [Book 1951] The Truth About Vaccination and Immunization

"In a bad case of smallpox, usually called a confluent case, the marks of vaccination are hidden. The scars being invisible, the case goes down as unvaccinated. They do not die because they are unvaccinated; they are unvaccinated because they die. If they recover they are restored to the vaccinated class. Dr. Russell, M.O.H., said in his Report for the city of Glasgow, 1871-72: "Sometimes persons were said to be vaccinated, but no marks could be seen, very frequently because of the abundance of the eruption. In some cases of those which recovered an inspection before dismission discovered vaccine marks, sometimes very good."
    In his Report for the year 1904 Dr. Chalmers, Glasgow M.O.H., stated that inquiries had been made of Registrars of Births in connection with smallpox cases entered as "unvaccinated" or "doubtful"; and 10 of the "unvaccinated" and 20 of the doubtful " were found to have been certified as having been successfully vaccinated in infancy."---- Lilly Loat [Book 1951] The Truth About Vaccination and Immunization

  "In all Official Reports of small-pox epidemics the fatality of the unvaccinated is always declared to be enormous as compared with the vaccinated. As an example, Dr. Gayton, in a Table published in the Second Report of the Royal Commission, gives the percentage of deaths to cases as follows:--Vaccinated--7.45 percent   Unvaccinated--43.00 percent
    But all the medical writers on small-pox during the eighteenth century agree in stating that the average death-rate of small-pox patients was then from fourteen to eighteen per cent. At that time, however, the sanitary state of our towns and hospitals was abominable, while the medical treatment of small-pox was so incredibly bad that it is a wonder any survived.
    Yet the doctors ask us to believe that now, with far healthier conditions and with far better treatment and nursing, more than twice as many unvaccinated small-pox patients die as died then, when all were unvaccinated!
    The thing is absolutely incredible and absurd; and the belief in it is due solely to the fact that doctors register all deaths from small-pox as "unvaccinated" when they can possibly find any excuse for doing so. One of them has stated that "the mere assertions of patients or their friends that they were vaccinated counts for nothing."
    The alleged enormous mortality of the unvaccinated is further shown to be erroneous by the fact that the published Reports of three of the largest small-pox hospitals for London from 1876 to 1879 showed that the average small-pox mortality of all patients was about 18 per cent., or a little higher than during the eighteenth century.
    This may be explained partly by the fact that many of the milder cases do not go to the hospitals, and partly by the weakening of the constitution due to the blood-poisoning operation of vaccination, which, when conditions are alike, renders the vaccinated less able to resist small-pox than the unvaccinated. It has been well asked: "If about 36 percent of unvaccinated patients die of small-pox while only about 18 percent died in the eighteenth century who or what kills the other 18 percent?"
    It cannot be the general conditions, since the mortality from all diseases has greatly diminished. There remains only the medical treatment. Do doctors accept this?"---By Alfred Russel Wallace

Medical lies as to smallpox cases unvaccinated
At a meeting of the Town Council held in January, 1893, the chairman of the Sanitary Committee read a statement prepared by the Medical Officer, which also appears at page 316 of his report, to the effect that he is "able to make the significant statement that there has not been a single case of a vaccinated child under ten years of age treated for small-pox at the hospital during his whole of our epidemic." This has appeared all over the country, and the "Lancet," of 20th January, 1894, refers to it in the following terms:—"Whereas there was no instance of small-pox occurring in a vaccinated child under ten years of age," yet, on looking at the list, I find no fewer than five small-pox cases under ten years. Why was this misleading and untruthful statement made? If this is a measure of the general veracity of the report, it does not say much for its accuracy. As a sample of the alleged protection afforded until puberty by primary vaccination, I find there are sixty-three small-pox cases ranging from a few months old to twenty-one years, all of which were vaccinated. CH 78

Medical men refuse to allow inspection of registers
Owing to the difficulty I experienced in endeavouring to ascertain the vaccinal condition of the patients in hospital, during my investigation of the small-pox epidemic at Middlesbrough, 1897-98, I suggested to Mr. Alex. M'Arthur, M.P. for Leicester, the desirability of obtaining legal authority for inspecting the registers of cases treated in small-pox hospitals. Mr. M'Arthur thereupon secured the insertion of Section 8 in the Vaccination Act of 1898, which grants facilities for such inspection to be carried out.
    When application was made, under this Section, during the London epidemic of 1901-02, by the National Anti-Vaccination League, to the Metropolitan Asylums Board, they set the Act at defiance, and refused permission to examine their registers. The question was raised in Parliament, but, in the end, they shuffled out of their legal obligation on the plea that the Metropolitan Asylums Board is not a "sanitary authority" (as specified by the Act)—a mere quibble of words.
    So the Metropolitan Asylums Board not only issued premature and inaccurate small-pox statistics—which appear to the uninitiated to favour vaccination—but, by refusing to allow inspection of their registers, they actually became law-breakers, and thus defeated the object Parliament had in view. The less, therefore, they profess that it is no part of their function either "to promote or to oppose vaccination," the better for their reputation—should they desire to pose as disinterested and fair. If the vaccinal condition of the patients (as entered in the official registers) is a truthful record, the Metropolitan Asylums Board ought rather to court inquiry than to burke it, no matter whether an Act of Parliament has been passed for their guidance or not. Secrecy can only excite suspicion. CH 51.

"An investigation of official reports on smallpox in Great Britain from 1922 to 1947 reveals that a majority of the alleged unvaccinated fatal cases of smallpox were old people. The first fatal case at Grimsby was aged 85. He had died and was buried before it was stated that he had died of smallpox. He was not exhumed to find out whether he had been vaccinated or not. It was assumed that he was unvaccinated. The second fatal case at Grimsby, aged 75, was also entered as unvaccinated, as were three other old men, aged 67, 79, and 70.  One, aged 78, who died was entered as vaccinated in infancy and again during the outbreak. The Medical Officer of Health admitted that most of these elderly people were suffering from some other disease which was the real cause of death, yet they were registered as unvaccinated smallpox fatalities and went to swell the unvaccinated fatality rate. One of the unvac­cinated fatal cases at Bilston was 69.
    There were some extraordinary occurrences during the period under review. At Birkenhead (Rock Ferry) a man, his wife, and their four children developed smallpox and only the man, vaccinated in infancy, recovered. The wife and three of the children had not been vaccinated. The youngest, a boy of 12, was quite well when taken to hospital and vaccinated.  He developed smallpox four days later and died. He is down as unvaccinated. An un-vaccinated girl in Essex developed smallpox and died. Two older relatives took it and recovered. Her brother, vaccinated after contact, developed small­pox some days later and died. He is down as un-vaccinated. Two other fatal cases in Essex-each, bore four marks of vaccination.
    Some 20 of the fatal cases in the period under review had admittedly been vaccinated, and details are available of 24 "unvaccinated" fatal cases, some of whom had been vaccinated from four to ten days before smallpox developed. No argument in favour of vaccination can be based on such figures.."---
The Vaccination Inquirer Sept-Oct 1953

"I know very well that the statistics as to the cases and deaths of the vaccinated and unvaccinated are published for a purpose—a purpose that is unworthy and contemptible—it is simply to deceive the public mind, and to withdraw all consideration from the rationale of vaccination, .......The Statistics of the Vaccinator are not to be trusted.......The Vaccinator has a craze to support, and he will do it even at the sacrifice of truth......My suspicions, as to the untrustworthiness of Medical Statistics, were first roused in March, 1872, but my enquiries were confined to the small-pox deaths. It never once occurred to me that, either from carelessness or audacity, the Medical Officers would include among the "unvaccinated," living examples of the "successfully vaccinated." During that month I investigated the particulars as to 16 deaths which had taken place in the Hospital between the 29th January and the 9th March, 1872. Of these 16 deaths the Medical Officers had returned 9 unvaccinated, 6 vaccinated, and 1 unknown. After a full and careful enquiry, which occupied Mr. Kenworthy and myself for several days, I attended before the Board of Guardians and handed in a return showing that the 16 deaths were composed of 12 vaccinated patients, 2 unvaccinated, and 2 unknown. The two unvaccinated were two out of the three cases "certified unfit," being scrofulous from birth, and the two unknown were Irish vagrants, who had neither friend nor relative in the country who could give any account of them. Out of the 16 deaths there was, not one fair unvaccinated case. After all the trouble I took in this matter, neither the Board of Guardians nor the Medical Officers accepted my challenge to have a public enquiry."---JNO. PICKERING, F.S.S., F.R.G.S. [1876. THE STATISTICS OF THE MEDICAL OFFICERS TO THE LEEDS SMALL-POX HOSPITAL EXPOSED AND REFUTED]

"To show in a few figures the untruthfulness of the statistics, I may state that I have seen about half of the 115 cases and investigated them thoroughly, and with the following result:—
6 living witnesses entered  “unvaccinated," all of whom had been "vaccinated."
9 deceased persons entered "unvaccinated," all of whom, had been "vaccinated."
8 examples entered "unvaccinated," which should have been entered "unsuccessfully vaccinated."
4 cases entered "unvaccinated" which should have been returned "certified unfit"

And these are collected out of about one-half of the 115 cases.  One result of this enquiry, and to me it is worth all the trouble, all the time, and all the money, is that I have dispelled for ever the delusive idea that the unvaccinated die in greater proportions than the vaccinated.....It is a cunning and monstrous device, in order to swell the mortality of the unvaccinated, to add to them the deaths of those who have been "vaccinated," the "doubtfuls," "unsuccessfully vaccinated," "certified unfit," diseased from birth, the syphilitic, the scrofulous, and unclean."---JNO. PICKERING, F.S.S., F.R.G.S. [1876.

"In Notes on the Small-pox Epidemic at Birkenhead, 1877 (p. 9), Dr. F. Vacher says: "Those entered as not vaccinated were admittedly unvaccinated, or without the faintest mark. The mere assertions of patients or their friends that they were vaccinated counted for nothing." Another medical official justifies this method of making statistics as follows: "I have always classed those as ‘unvaccinated,’ when no scar, presumably arising from vaccination, could be discovered. Individuals are constantly seen who state that they have been vaccinated, but upon whom no cicatrices can be traced. In a prognostic and a statistic point of view, it is better, and, I think, necessary, to class them as unvaccinated" (Dr. Gayton’s Report for the Homerton. Hospital for 1871—2—3)."-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION

"In the Second Report of the Commission, pp. 219—20, a witness declared that out of six persons who died of small-pox and were reported by the medical officer of the Union to have been unvaccinated, five were found to have been vaccinated, one being a child who bad been vaccinated by the very person who made the report, and another a man who had been twice revaccinated in the militia"-----ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898] VACCINATION A DELUSION