Dr. G Buchwald MD
Vaccine critics  Germany

"Vaccination is child abuse and a crime against humanity."
"He fell sick with a post-vaccination encephalitis, and ever since, I have a completely destroyed human being at home."--Dr G Buchwald MD

[15 February 1920 19 July 2009.  Dr. med. Gerhard Buchwald, was a specialist for internal medicine and lung diseases. For four decades he campaigned tirelessly for freedom of information and freedom of choice concerning vaccinations. He gave about 500 lectures and wrote about 200 scientific papers concerning vaccinations and damage caused by vaccinations. He has also provided about 150 medical assessments of cases of vaccine damage for claims for compensation.]

Buchwald M.D., Dr. Gerhard banners

Dr. Buchwald testimony before the Quebec College of Physicians Medical Board

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Measles by Dr Buchwald M.D.

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