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Urine therapy Q and A

Replies by Daniel Brooks

what is the recommended amount to drink very day?

The recommended and proven amount to drink of combined distilled liquids is between 4 and 6 liters a day. This sounds like a lot because we have gotten very used to walking around in a dehydrated state. However this is the quantity that the real miracles start to happen. The quantity nearly all the testimonies gathered have in common. This could be ALL urine or a mixture of distilled liquids. Water, urine, fruit and veg juices. This appears to be the quantity needed in order to get the river of life flowing once more in the human body, allowing pure negatively charged waters to reach all of our umpteen trillion cells in order to flush them clean, detox and decalcify.

what is the story about first bit containing toxins to avoid, mid stream ok?

That's all bullshit from what we can discover. Possibly another way of putting fear into folk about it. Theres no logic in that at all. And no ill effects from folk that drink it all like me. Nothing but great effects. !

The morning pee is considered the finest as it has had time to gather all the bodies information for healing and the goodies that are great to recycle. But drink your pee all day long is highly recommended. I drink all day, only stopping around 8 or 9 at night so that i don't have to wake up all night to pee. I collect the night time pee to age for external healing and sometimes save it to drink in the morning to top up and get fully hydrated again. If doing this, i recommend filling a container to the very brim and then sealing it so it is not exposed to the air. It is on exposure to the air that ammonia builds up and that is toxic and will pass right through you. Also done intentionally by some to give oneself a "top down enema"

It is considered best to drink it fresh...i heard within ten minutes. This is probably because it has more life, vitality. They say the same about fruit juices. Also because of the ammonia build up. Drink up....but its important to enjoy it if possible. To know that it is your own perfect medicine and that its healing every part of you. Thats easier done when your diet is good.

The bitter taste in urine, or other unpleasantness comes from eating or drinking crap.You are what you eat. Processed or inorganic salts, sugars and other chemicals and toxins. Also mood has been said to alter the taste.

In my experience, the coconut flavour came after only eating fresh living foods and being fully hydrated. Drinking 4-6 liters a day for several days. Not everyone experiences this though it seems and this is still a mystery as far as i know.

List of diseases in existence?... But the testimonies in this website give partial list. www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com

Allowing the urine to air dry when applying externally is essential to not having it smell. If you use really aged stuff thats rancid...its going to make you a bit whiffy no matter what. Let it air dry and then shower. No chemicals in the shower though. They'll make you smell worse in the long run. And 4-6 liters a day is the recommended and proven volume that appears to accomplish the true miracles of healing.

Yeah..it tends to smell the older it gets. I tend not to use stuff that's too old. And i keep it sealed too. Ammonia builds with exposure to air.

Do you need to shower after applying externally?

I don't shower after because the aged urine i use is never that bad...smelly. Even if it is a bit smelly if you let yourself air dry instead of using a towel...just ten minutes or so, then it does not smell. My wife says i don't smell afterwards and she would know AND let me know trust me. I swill with it too and no complaints there either from my wife or my teeth and gums. No more dentist! Don't know much about the ammonia John sorry. Please share if you find out. I eat quite a lot of fruit and veg but don't juice as we don't have a juicer yet. I would drink a LOT though if i could.

Swill with fresh yeah? You should hold a mouth full in your mouth for 15-20 minutes if you have mouth issues. Folk have reported miracle from doing that. Its urine pulling basically but its great for healing the mouth and teeth. Broken teeth have even been known to grow back apparently. I used to bathe in our night time urine once a week. that stuff was not too smelly. Its amazing how it makes your skin feel and look. Some supermodels know all about urine

I would guess for you the morning urine would be the best to use for pulling and swishing. But i don't know.