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Vaccinated: One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases

a book by Paul Offit, MD


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Hillman deserves nothing.

For example, mumps was a mild safe disease as this quote points out:

"A fairly common risk of mumps is the swelling of testes in a boy or the ovaries in a girl. This is much more common in an adult. Invariably the swelling goes down after a few days leaving no ill effects. It is excessively rare for the swelling to cause sterility. A rare complication is acute pancreatitis which passes within a few days. "Mumps is generally a mild disease. The usual outcome is complete recovery within about 10 days" ----From the MacMillan Guide to Family Health 1982

yet now we have mumps vaccines killing and maiming children with autism and bowel disease.

As Dr Wakefield points out:

"Mumps in this country, in the U.S. the CDC did a study. When Maurice Hillerman went from Merck, the head of vaccines at Merck went to the CDC... I have a mumps vaccine; I would like you to use it. They did a study and they said there is no need. Mumps is a trivial disease in children; we do not need this vaccine. Exactly the same happened in the UK. The Department of Health, the Medicines Control Agency, the regulators in the UK said, this is a trivial disease in children. We do not need a mumps vaccine. But it got in. ....So you have effectively taken a trivial disease and by vaccinating, you have turned it into a more dangerous disease. Now, they are in a real mess. They are in a real mess because one dose of MMR doesn't prevent it. Two doses of MMR don't prevent it; three doses. You are creating a population that is dependent upon reboosting with vaccines for the rest of their lives to avoid this complication, a man-made complication.....There was incompetence. They were incompetent. They were so zealous. So urgently needed to get this vaccine into the market that they ignored the potential problems and now we have a big, big problem. Mumps vaccine is a dangerous vaccine. It does not work.---- Dr. Andrew Wakefield

and that is just one of his useless and dangerous vaccines. And only the tip of the iceberg.

God save us, and our children, from the likes of Offit and Hilleman.