Pharma Vitamin C data avoidance
The Vitamin C Conspiracy

[Collection of Pharma 'reasons' for ignoring the vitamin C infections data.  The real reason is because it is non-Allopathic medicine, but it is fun to collect all the evasions and rationalisations used by Pharma folk, HealthFraud and Allopaths.]

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On being show Dr Levy's book with 1,200 citations:

  1. Harriet Hallon 01 Jul 2008 at 1:08 pm


    You are having trouble reading. I will try again in simpler words.

    You can find lots of studies saying vitamin C works. We can find lots of studies saying it doesn’t work.

    In the scientific method, we weigh those studies against each other and look at things like whether a study was well-designed, whether it involved large numbers of subjects, and many other measures of quality. There are reports that small series of polio patients recovered while taking vitamin C, but many polio patients also recover with no treatment. We have to do RCTs to control for the natural course of illness and other confounding factors. There isn’t a single credible placebo controlled double-blind study to support the claim that vitamin C “cures” polio. When examined IN TOTO the existing evidence does not support your claims for vitamin C.

    If NEW evidence surfaces, we are quite willing to change our minds. Meanwhile, scientific thinkers have ALREADY examined all the evidence you cite and have not been convinced. Until you have something new to show us, you are wasting your and our time.

    Statements like those of Dr. Levy are merely personal opinions. They are irrelevant because science doesn’t accept any individual as an authority. Anyone can cherry-pick the literature, find studies to support any opinion, and write a book. That’s not science. This is a science-based medicine website.

  1. David Gorski on 01 Jul 2008 at 12:36 pm

    I wonder if Levy’s book cites any research more recent than 50 years ago.

    Looking at the page, I rather doubt that it does.