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[Whale Truth Exocet spent 2 days on this pharma supported forum, any links to whale were blocked even before I got there!  Then some spurious excuse was used to ban me off the forum.  You can see the posts here, and their e mail excuse.  No surprise for a BBC outfit.]


E mail with moderators.

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Some pharma connections.
Kat Arney works as a science information officer for the charity Cancer Research UK in London

2005 - The Wellcome Trust, 180,000
which is funding the current series of The Naked Scientists radio show, broadcast across all 8 BBC radio stations in the eastern region and as a weekly podcast, and the development of the Naked Scientists website.

- 2003 - 2005 COPUS (Royal Society, London), 13,500
which funded the launch of The Naked Scientists on the BBC Eastern Region, and the on-going development of The Naked Scientists Online.

Sorry whale, you are banned from posting or sending personal messages on this forum.

An Error Has Occurred! Sorry beaver, you are banned from using this forum!
is a WHALE in disguise as a big damn building beaver

Hello Whale,

I know that you may consider what I am about to say as a judgement on you, personally or on the ideas you represent. it isn't and I hope to make this perfectly clear.

In the rules it says:

Except for the chat section, this forum is for the discussion of science.

We will be very liberal in our interpretation of what science means, and we have a New Theories section where you are more than welcome to discus less conventional scientific theories, but the posts should one way or another be pertinent to science.

In the chat section, you may indulge in a wider range of light hearted general discussion with other users of the forum.

Your crusade is not one that is viewed as an acceptable use of the site in the above instance. It is evangelism, not a discussion. Your refute data quoted as 'lies' or in other derogatory words, you are sometimes slightly abusive of the other's person and though uncommon, this is strictly forbidden.

We, and I am speaking for the moderators, feel that your posts are disruptive and distracting from the site.  We, thus, AS A GROUP have disabled you ability to post to the site for this reason.

I hope you understand.

Jim  JimBob Stenchcomb A.K.A. ...