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[2011 June] The Malaria Myth Explained, And Successfully Treating So-Called Malaria by Aajonus Vonderplanitz  your daughters have a 76% chance of dying in the hospital, only 24% of dying if they don't go to the hospital. And that was translated back to him, and he said, oh, you're probably right. Five years ago I had two daughters, they had malaria, so-called malaria, [I] took them to the hospital, they were dead in 24 hours. And he said, what do you suggest since you're a doctor?
    Well I said, I suggest you take 3 oz. of [fresh, raw] lime juice, 3 oz. of [unheated] honey, and 6 oz. of [raw, young green] coconut water, mix it together, and you give them a tablespoon every hour for three days in their waking hours. And then after that, every two to three hours, a tablespoon. They were very hesitant about letting me into the tribal area. I'm a white guy, of course. So, they were very reluctant, but the two children were better in three days. Completely over it, so of course, they sold me the land.

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I first learned about it from a military medical doctor in Central America who observed that wounds healed 3-5 times faster if unheated honey was applied to wounds. I experimented. both topically and internally with human and non-human animals and proved the same results. I noticed that the health of the digestive tract and. generally all tissues improved considerably in most eases when considerable amounts of unheated honey were consumed. Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"Anything the medical profession says, do the opposite 99 percent of the time and you’ll be right."-- [2011] Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Fourteen years ago when my book first came out, it was 13 years, 95 percent, and that was validated by the neuroscientist from Columbia University, Elnora Van Winkle. She met with 232 that survived out of the 242 patients, and she interviewed them after up to 12 years being on the diet. They were all cancer symptom-free. I didn’t want them to have X-rays, only ultrasound, so some of them could not be proved. But Elnora Van Winkle, she validated it and wrote it. I still think you can find that report on the Internet somewhere. Now I’m up to only losing about three per hundred. So that means 97 percent. It means 97 out of a 100 kick the cancer. Probably I’ve worked with 1,200 people with cancer. [2011] Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

 an MD who called me from the east coast and said, “I’ve got an emphysemic patient who was diagnosed seven years ago, and for the last two years she’s been mainly on machines and bedridden. Looks like she’s going to die this weekend.” And this is a Thursday night. “What can I do?” And I said, “Well, you’re calling me a little late, aren’t you?” and she said, “Well, I’m an MD. I have my whole family and everything to support, so I can’t put them in jeopardy. It is the law that an MD, a licensed MD, cannot advise anything other than regular medical therapies unless a patient has been on the therapies for 10 years and failed or is on their death bed. So this woman is now on her death bed, and I can approach alternatives.” So I said, “Well, that’s your conscience. All I can tell you to do at this point is to get her 10 to 15 dozen eggs, put them on her bed table, and tell her to eat as many as she can.” So I got a call on Monday morning from this raspy-voiced woman, and she said, “It worked. I’m out of bed. What else can I do?” and I said, “Well, who are you?” She explained that her doctor had called me and I had told her to eat dozens of eggs and she had emphysema. She was off the machines and out of the bed. In just two days. She ate 66 eggs on that weekend: 33 on Saturday, 33 on Sunday. Was off the machines and out of bed on Monday morning. That is what eggs can do. [2011] Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

“Because all antibiotics create unnatural antibodies inside the human system, the body has to get rid of them. If it doesn’t, they disrupt normal functions, consume vast amounts of blood nutrients and destroy tissue. I found that most penicillin stores in joints, especially of the hands and feet. When people get a fungus and the skin itches and peels away, it’s most often the body throwing off antibiotics or some other medication that molds, or causes molds, within the body. Women who take antibiotics while pregnant or nursing are putting their offspring at very high risk of anemia, leukemia, malformation of cartilage, weak joints and other bone problems.” “Does that include Candida?” Beatriz asks. “Not as much. I’ve found a large correlation between alcohol, and drugs in the aspirin family causing Candida.”" (We Want To Live: The Primal Diet, page 156) We Want To Live: The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

 "CHRONE’S DISEASE is an inability to digest many cooked foods and the inability of the body to prevent undigested food from entering the blood, lymphatic and nervous systems. When undigested food particles enter those systems, they cause extreme reactions, such as painfully swollen and enlarged joints, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Most cooked grains and potatoes are poisonous in cases of Chrone’s. Chrone’s disease is usually caused by medicinal antibiotics, especially in infancy and childhood, and vaccines. When antibiotic and vaccine toxins enter the intestines, they destroy the healthy bacterial environment of the intestines. That chemical damage to intestines may reach as deeply as intestinal DNA, preventing the natural bacterial environment of the intestines from perpetuating digestive bacteria. In such a case, unless a raw food diet is continuously consumed, symptoms of Chrone’s will persist throughout life.
    Eating an all raw food diet is vital to reversal and recovery. Raw animal products, with their natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes have helped restore digestion in all cases, but did not completely reverse Chrone’s in a few cases where chemicals had caused genetic damage to the intestines.
    Eating 12 cagefree raw eggs every 12 hours followed by ¼ teaspoon unheated honey for 35 days usually restores some digestion. Then, daily, adding early morning and evening raw meat meals, an afternoon raw custard (see custard recipe page 56, footnote), and 12 cups fresh raw celery juice, 4 ounces at a time helps restore strength and bring life to normalcy." (from We Want To Live: The Primal Diet, page 247) We Want To Live: The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The ongoing propaganda that microbes cause disease continues without scientific proof. The worst part of it is that people believe the microbe/disease myth the same as people believed the clergy that spirits and ghosts caused bad behavior and disease in people during the Inquisition. The all-encompassing beliefs were formed from FEAR, from imaginative stories of gross possession and, in the case of microbes, contamination. Fear makes most people irrational, illogical, non-pragmatic, ridiculous and even stupid. Yes, stupid is a harsh judgment but is it wrong judgment?--Newsletter. Feb 2009

E.coli are predominately found in the final stages of digestion in the bowel. E.coli digest proteins and fats into finitely small molecules that feed and nourish our brains and nervous systems. They are responsible for producing massive amounts of B Vitamins to calm and soothe our brains and nervous system. People who enema and take colonics to remedy their constipation, continue the vicious cycle of devastatingly low colonies of E.coli, causing malnourishment of their brains and nervous systems. That may express itself in several symptoms, such as mild anxiety and loss of mental acuity. --Newsletter March 2007

Bacteria are responsible for 99% of all of our bodies’ functions. Antibiotics destroy all types of bacteria, reducing digestive functions. They destroy bacteria responsible for ALL bodily functions. One 5-days antibiotic regime can destroy 1% of our bodies’ bacteria, destroying 1% of our bodies. We become weaker and sicker. Who benefits from that? --Newsletter Oct 2010

The Contagious Trap. Thinking that diseases are contagious is false and blocks our peace of mind. We blame animals, other people and microbes for our diseases. If we blame others for our illnesses, including microbes within us, we trap our minds into thinking that diseases are not a part of us. We believe that we are helpless victims. Subconsciously we believe that we cannot and must not trust nature, creatures and our fellow man. When we believe that someone “gave” us a disease, we automatically think we must attack that person and our bodies to remove the disease. Everyone is scathed in wars, including victors.  Reality is that diseases come from industrial toxicity only. And when toxicity accumulates, it often destroys parts of or entire systems in our bodies. I have heard so many people claim that an ex boyfriend or girlfriend gave them herpes virus. In cases of herpes, toxins such as heavy metals store in nerves. Everyone has metal in her/his nerves in our industrial societies. We may not know that we have metals in nerves because we do not have signals (symptoms). Often metallic minerals cluster and cannot pass out of nerve endings easily. However, when our bodies decide to detoxify metals from our nerve-endings and it causes painful sores, we discover we have herpesNewsletter Oct 2010

The greatest myth and trap of society today besides the banking system is that microbes cause disease. Many astute people chide me for my resoluteness that bacteria NEVER cause human disease. Since very intelligent people all over the world firmly believe the pharmaceutical and medical theory that bacteria and other microbes cause most human diseases, I must be crazy.  I have not seen ANY clear-cut evidence that proves microbes cause human diseases. Maybe that myth believed today is as sensible and true as the belief that the world is flat......Why do people believe that microscopic creatures could usurp entire bodies and bodily systems but dangerous chemicals that kill bacteria are safe for ourbodies?   
Our bodies are 90-99% bacteria
.1 There are 100 times more bacterial DNA in our bodies than human DNA. Therefore, we are actually 99% bacterial and 1% human. Every microbiologist is taught and programmed during collegiate years to believe that some bacteria are malicious and dangerous. They do not see that the cells that are eaten by some bacteria are already dying or dead. Professors point to those bacteria and say, “they are eating cells; there is your evidence that some bacteria are harmful.” Everyone is taught this incorrect biochemistry that is myth.  Students are not given the opportunity to study them with an open mind. If they did, they would eventually find that those so-called bad bacteria are simply janitors, consuming severely damaged, dying or dead cells.
......Corporations that control the media and government constantly brainwash us with rhetoric stating that microbes cause disease. Corporations make chemicals that are dangerous to us and our environment but tell us that their new or improved product will somehow save us from disease because it destroys microscopic creatures. Since our bodies are 90-99% bacteria, that makes as much sense as 900+47=1.
    People who live more in nature and on farms do not easily accept such propaganda because they see healthy animals licking and eating fecal matter off each other's butts and thriving. Do farmhands ever see animals washing their hooves and faces before they eat? Do they ever see animals clean their troughs before they eat? Do they see animals vibrantly healthy in the midst of so called microbial contamination?  Newsletter Oct 2010

Health departments bombard us with news-bites that microbes attack us. For decades E.coli was blamed for tens of thousands of cases of food poisoning resulting in severe vomit and/or diarrhea, and some deaths. However, in about 1985, as more microbiologists observed that E.coli is a helpful and harmless natural part of bowel digestion, medicine and government diverted attention from their general E.coli-blaming to a newly created monster E.coli 0157:H7 (genetically modified?). I did not hear one peep from the scientific community and government apologizing for decades of prejudice against E.coli.
    Instead, they ushered to the stage this new varmint E.coli 0157:H7.  To this day, I have not found one 0157:H7 in nature, including at the infamous California fields of spinach “contamination” or at factory-farms. The only 0157:H7 I have been able to observe is a culture given to me by a university professor who got his culture from the FDA/CDC. Is this man-made creature being planted in society, hospitals and food to continue brainwashing us into believing our microbial nature is bad and that industrial chemical poisons are good? Microbial “pathogenic” activity in food does not cause food-poisoning or disease. 
Industrial agricultural chemicals, food additives and processing cause food-poisoning, period. Health departments are empowered with the job of protecting people from contamination. However, their hands are tied by Big Pharmacy, Big Food and Big Industry who are the real culprits creating disease. So, who can people that are entrusted with our health blame for diseases? They blame Nature and Creation’s big mistakes, microbes! They want us to believe that although man has lived at least 4 million years amongst microbes and is 90-99% microbes, microbes are giving us diseases and killing us.  Newsletter Oct 2010

Laser eye surgery unnaturally changes the shape of a weak or damaged cornea. It does not improve poor eye-health that caused corneas to misshape. If an individual is on a very poor diet, the warped corneas will warp again within 5 years in 90% of cases. Will doctors make money again for the same procedure? Probably, the person will pay thousands of dollars to have it done again if it is possible. In many cases, the surgery can only be performed once in a lifetime. There are no effective instructions to patients on how to increase health of eyes prior to or after surgery. When eyes do not get healthier, ophthalmologists will continue to reexamine eyesight, sell glasses and contact lenses and make lots of money. Medical technology has NOT been developed to heal us but to repeatedly treat us for profits.   Newsletter Oct 2010

The Primal Diet Newsletter - Early Winter 2010 - 24th Edition; December 31, 2010

1. Egg food poisoning out break was hoax/agenda:

"The 2010-egg-bacteria-contamination hoax was maneuvered to push the new food-safety bill through congress to give the FDA unfettered powers."

2. Explanation of the "Congressional Dance" regarding food related bills:

"For most of 2010, congressional members fought to pass U.S. Senate bill 510 (S.510) that was ironically titled FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Since they were unsuccessful, they tried to sneak it into other bills but constituents were watching carefully. Congress got so much constituentopposition that they were unable to pass it without inciting a near hostile revolution. The people’s ally against the bill was Senator Tom Coburn who stated that he would block the passage of S.510 in any form. He called it the fake "food-safety" bill and stated that it will raise food prices, add $1.5 billion to deficit, add unfunded state mandates, and drive up the costs of food production by adding more layers of government interference, and that it would NOT increase food safety one bit. He was correct. In closed session on a Sunday evening a week prior to Christmas holiday, congressional members stripped House Representative Bill 2751 (HR2751) of its Consumer-Assistance-to-Recycle-and-Save-Act language and inserted the language of S510 and passed it with Senator Coburn’s help. Coburn betrayed us and revealed himself to be a “fake” ally. That, my health-food and freedom lovers is the Congressional dance."

3. Explanation of the unique way he discovered regarding how to circumvent the authorities in seeking out farm foods, especially raw milk:

"So, how do we defend ourselves against the newest fascist-SS FDA? We have to band together with methods that work. We have to be as creative as possible and do not dismiss any idea and how it can be effective.....

.....In 2004, I began to design a method where leases were made between RTCHF (Right To Choose Healthy Food) and farmers - and created clubs in which its members were the beneficiaries of the leases. The leases secured members’ ownership of farm animals. Members could pick up and transport their raw dairy anywhere without government intervention. (In U.S., we have about 75 years of legal precedents regarding lease agreements but relatively none regarding herd share agreements.) All members of co-op clubs signed under RTCHF are protected owners of food rather than buyers of food. That eliminates any relationship of food sales and commerce (selling to the public). Each member pays a minimal yearly membership fee to RTCHF......

.......Finally in 2005, my leases were tested in Los Angeles when the County health department trespassed onto Venice branch of Rawesome Club and cited it for not having licenses and food permits to sell food. I called and issued letters stating that all foods came from animals that members owned and therefore products were free of commerce and consequently not within government jurisdiction. It proved to be legally sound because government has jurisdiction over commerce only. The County, failed to respond to the letter and dropped the citation; all proof that government had no legal jurisdiction. In 2006, the FDA and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture cited the Amos and Jacob Miller farms for producing raw milk without licenses and permits. I wrote the legal briefs for both of them, proving government did not have jurisdiction over the farmers or members’ rights to raise and consume food as they desired. The health departments and deputy city attorney walked out of the courtroom without objections to my Motions to Quash or Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction. The matter disappeared and the farmers have been caring for producing members’ animals and foods."
4. How to refuse standard toxic medical therapies in cases of emergencies including tetanus shots, antibiotics, chemicals, etc:

"Consider that preventing medical assaults will be met with tremendous resistance. We will likely be defrauded and outright lied to, in attempts to coerce and intimidate us into accepting very risky procedures and drugs. The medical arrogance that comes from a society that accepts almost all of the nonsense that medical therapies are absolute and good for us is not only disrespectful but criminal. Any one confronting and rejecting medical  therapies” are usually treated as if they are lunatics. To protect ourselves we must be as aggressively verbal and intense as the situation requires.
After my health-conscious awakening, I learned the hard way with one of my first non-cancer experiences with an emergency-room hospital situation. In 1975, when I was bicycling North America, a tiny splinter of metal was thrust into the iris of my right eye from a vehicle passing over metal shavings near the roadside....
....I attempted many methods to remove it. I flushed the eye with water first. Because the water is a solvent, it removed the protective coating on my eye and made it worse. Also the water was fluorinated and caused my eye-lacerations to burn......I tried the process where I held my eyelids open and looked outward towards my right temple, then released my eyelids, and with a closed eye, I looked as far as possible at the corner of my eye right eye.......but it felt to me as if the object were embedded. I sought and found an aloe vera plant, kneaded it until the inside was soft gel, lacerated it, took the gel from inside and gently dropped it into my eye with my head tilted backwards....
....the pain eased but did not stop.......I decided to seek help at the hospital......The pain very gradually decreased by the time the attending physician got to me but I still felt pressure from my eyelid. I did not know if the splinter was still in my eye or if I had flushed it with the aloe gel. I told the physician my problem and he immediately got a prepared eye-tray kit with all sorts of sterilized tools and ointments from a cabinet....
....I instructed the physician to ONLY examine my eye to see if the metallic splinter was still in there. I told him that no matter what he found, I did not want any type of salve or medication. I merely wanted him to remove the splinter if it existed. Upon examination, he told me that there was nothing in the laceration and that my eye must have flushed it away. As he talked, I noticed he maneuvered something with is left hand but I could
not see what it was. Suddenly and clandestinely, his left hand rose to my eye and squirted salve from a tube into my eye.
I was instantly angry, betrayed and abused. He knew that I did not want ANY chemical in my eye; I had made myself clear about that.. I scolded him. He smirked as if I did not know what was good for me but he did. He did not have any respect for my opinion for my body. He was God, knew what was good for everybody, and did as he pleased...."

5. Instructions for making a laminated medical card for rejecting standard toxic medical therapies

"For everyone interested in protecting themselves from the normal medical assaults, I suggest that you carry a card on you at all times, in a pouch around your neck, in a wallet, pocket or in a purse. I suggest that you laminate it to insure that it does not fade or mutilated."
On that card, I suggest that you type the following on the front-side:

In Case of Injury or Unconsciousness, The Following Medical Procedures Apply
Absolutely NO medications of any kind except those mentioned permissible herein can be utilized on or in my body.
Absolutely NO antibiotics, vaccines or antiseptics are to be used, applied, administered or injected into me at any time for any reason.
If unconscious without severe injury, NO medical procedures are to be performed on me. I am to be left alone until I recover consciousness. Once conscious, I will decide if any help is necessary.
Alcohol (non-wood) may be used sparingly, applied to wounds only and not used internally. Pain relievers and narcotics may be utilized only upon my conscious request. Absolutely NO Injected or IV anesthesia. Gaseous anesthesia may be used for emergency surgery in cases listed below.
If bones appear to be broken, only 2 x-rays may be taken and in case of bone fragmentation, the least surgical repairs may be performed but only with my conscious approval.
Type the following on the backside of the card, laminate it and keep it with you at all times:

If dismemberment occurred, surgical procedures to reattach member may be performed excluding tetanus, antibiotics and antiseptics except non-wood alcohol used sparingly. Blood transfusions must be kept to minimum and at least one of the following donors’ blood only is to be used in me unless donors are unreachable in reasonable time:
Name Phone number
Name Phone number
I declare that it is my inherent and Constitutional right to accept or decline any and all medical
Printed name